Yuli on Twitter with a different take

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Yuli on Twitter with a different take

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  1. The AngryJoe one is the one that stood out the most to me… like when did having an subpar date( ya it was cringe what he did ) mean getting mentioned in the same breath as grooming, sexual assault, rape, etc.

    Like all the power to the people speaking up to their abusers… but the severity of the alleged actions has to match the tone of the conversation.

  2. It’s a hard topic.

    I fully agree that witch hunting for failed relationships or flirting should not be in this whole movement and especially not on social media. If either one sucks at boyfriend/girlfriend, so be it. Deal with it.

    If there was actual sexual assault or rape or whatnot I can understand why it should be made public because those people need to be punished and someone making the first step *might* encourage others to do the same and only so you can sometimes undig the whole severity of a case and suddenly you realize that the guy you just cheered for actually sexually harrassed / assaulted 7 different women and is a fookin manipulating scumbag.

    If it wasnt for someone speaking out publicy we would still be cheering for Method. Now we might be going “go Narcolies!” or “go Deepshades” but not “go method!” anymore

    Serious cases should be made public. The rest maybe not as much.

    And on the same note everyone using this to make false accusations and defame (hope that was the word) someone should be punished with full force just to stop people from throwing out those accusations for fun to ruin someones life.

  3. Whenever you lionize survivors of something, you’ll find tons of people wildly stretching reality to claim to have been survivors of that thing. Modern-day equivalent of people who said they were in downtown NYC on 9/11 when they were really 50 miles away and just heard about it on the local news.

  4. If it’s just shitty attempts at flirting and getting laid, that is a valid stance to take. But unfortunately a lot more seems to be going on
    in a lot of these situations, with some nasty power dynamics involved on top of it.

  5. I think there are some situations that really need to hit the Public eye.

    The Josh situation and the Sascha situation for instance needs to be made public. Because the police failed Pooper.

    Djari and Darrie all failed the victims that came forwards about Josh’s allegations by not pressing it hard enough and not taking action when Sco failed to.

    And Sco failed Annie and he failed Josh’s victims by not taking a firm stance when the allegations kept heaping up. At this point Annie, Pooper, and all of Josh’s victims have TRIED to do it the correct way and it didn’t work.

    And then there are situations like Fragnance. That didn’t deserve to go public. She even said in her Twitlonger “I don’t want to hurt you the way you hurt me, but I’m tired of blaming myself for what you did”

    So why aren’t you reaching out in private? If he fails to respond in private or acts a dick when you do, sure. Make it public. But you didn’t. If all you wanted was peace of mind, making it public doesn’t do anything. It makes you open for attack, it makes you open for criticism, it makes you open to people hunting down the pictures. And it won’t change shit about how you feel inside.

  6. I just think that regardless of what a person is being accused of, social media should be one of the last if not the last avenues taken to seek justice.

    As I’ve said in a previous comment, the whole foundation for the legal system in most countries is the premise “innocent until proven guilty” and unfortunately the second that someone makes an accusation on social media we get the opposite.

    It’s essentially just a modern form of mob justice – unless the accused has strong evidence to the contrary the damage to their image is done, hell even if they do there are still people who will refuse to believe the truth.

    The people who’ve been harassed deserve to get justice but, to me at least, turning it into a social spectacle is the wrong way to go about it.

    Like Yuli says, some of these are genuinely shitty attempts at flirting and yet these accusations can, in the digital age, haunt them for life.

  7. I just can’t help but go back to the Aziz case in regards to this matter. This is NOT to defend any creeping/inappropriate/unwanted flirting behavior. If we’re going to judge the actions of the perpetrator, we also need to take an objective look at the accuser. We will never know what truly happened in his house but here are the facts:

    * They both met at an Emmy after party. He came single, she came with a date.

    * He thought they hit it off during the evening, maybe she thought the same? Or maybe she was trying to break into the industry by chatting up with an insider and trying to network.

    * Either way her date was a third wheel, even more evidenced when she ditched him to join Aziz at his house.

    Now this is the infuriating part. From his perspective, she was chatting up with him all night, and when on a hunch invited her to his place AFTER the late party, she accepted. In his mind, if things go well, he might get lucky. What I don’t understand is, why would you agree to go to some strangers house at 2am, when it’s abundantly clear he’s inviting you to get laid, and not show you his lego set.

    They get to his place, he offers her wine to break the ice, as they both get progressively drunk he’s attempting to be “romantic” which is the main source of her “traumatized” experience.

    Why not draw the line there? As him to call a taxi, explain that she changed her mind and just get out. Nope. Now they’re kissing. He’s fondling her. Still apparently she was “powerless”. Really. Aziz is like what 5’9 and is the nerd you made fun of in school, he really was “overpowering” her?

    No, she just couldn’t decide whether to proceed or not. Now he’s going down on her. Still doesn’t draw the line. Okay now he’s demanding to be reciprocated, and now she’s feeling uncomfortable.

    This isn’t to make fun or make light of actual assault cases. But she published this info on a tabloid site amidst the Weinstein era, and everyone was busy fashioning a noose for these creeps. I believe a lot of people have a different take on Aziz now, but at the time, he was classified in the same category as Weinstein and even Bill Cosby.

    Making poor judgement choices, and experiencing a bad date, shouldn’t give these “victims” to go cry about it on Twitter, 5-10 years after the fact when nothing can really be vetted and destroy someone’s career. It doesn’t matter if they’re proven to be innocent or guilty. The mere suggestion they might have done something wrong will forever make people look at these guys like some pedophile.

    The best part is, every single one of the SJW foaming at the mouth to “make a difference” must have done some sort of shitty things in their lives in the last 10 years. I mean nobody lives life like the Buddha or Jesus. Yet instead of trying to take an objective approach when confronting these allegations, we got to the point where it’s guilty until proven innocent.

  8. She’s right, just look at the Angry Joe stuff. People are too ready to jump to someone’s side based on allegations instead of waiting to hear both sides of the story.

    Obviously there’s gonna be some real messed up stuff like the Josh case, but not all of it is of that caliber, or accurate.

  9. well with the fed instance i would agree if he changed after doing it the first time, since it could be attributed to him being socially inept ( which i kinda doubt but that’s just my personal opinion), however he didn’t change and kept doing the same shit after they had an intervention for him so since they couldn’t resolve it with the intervention they decided to give him the boot.

  10. It seems like she’s not seeing this as a workplace problem. If he didn’t change his behavior at all after being warned about it, of course the next step is to remove him from the situation. And giving public statements on why one of their members is leaving is pretty normal.

  11. In Lily’s statement in particular I don’t really see what Fed did wrong, all she says is he gave her a consensual massage and then told her he likes her? I feel like the guy just has no awareness with girls. In Yvonne’s story he definitely overstepped boundaries but never did she ask him to stop, which maybe made him feel like what he was doing was okay (though he should’ve asked for consent originally).

    EDIT: After all the other information that’s come forward about Fed, this in hindsight is definitely not the greatest take. I wish all the best for everyone who’s been a victim of Fed’s predatory behaviour.

  12. This whole situation has caused me to dislike public accusations. If I’ve learned anything from the past couple of days, its that I don’t really know the true nature of the online personalities that I’ve been watching for years. So when a public accusation comes out from one of these streamers, am I supposed to believe them? Should I show my support and denounce the accused? I don’t know if they’re lying or not, I don’t know their true character. I want to believe them because I feel like they are my friends, but I don’t really know them. How am I supposed to know who’s genuine?

    This is the problem I have with public accusations. They are testimony from people whose fans don’t truly know them. It’s leaving the judgment up to biased viewers who feel like they are supporting a person who would never lie and is a good person, causing the fans to automatically believe the accusation. But objectively, that is a biased and unjustified judgment from a singular piece of testimony.

    Sorry for this incoherent rambling.

  13. One of the earlier “rape” accusations was literally an account from a girl who described how she had consensual sex with a guy, literally consented to it, yet called it a rape at the end anyway.

  14. Twitter and social media is a gigantic mistake and is a big reason why we have so many problems that 2020 has brought upon us. It feels like a bottomless pit of insanity. What’s next, we will start cancelling people for some weak shit like trying to kiss someone 7 years ago without consent? Give me a fucking break. We lost so many good and entertaining content creators because people are so insufferable and want to watch the world burn. Before you could avoid all of this insanity by just not being a part of social media. Not anymore.

  15. commenting something like that in a thread about an allegation nets you cool -200 karma at best. For some reason topics like that absolutely do not allow for tangential discussion. You can either contribute to witch hunt or support the victim

  16. This shit is so fucking insane, I read a couple of these “abuses” and it was just some dude trying to get laid or a girl regretting hooking up with a guy.

    If any of this would have counted as abuse 30 years ago half the people in this sub would not even be alive today, this is how dudes have gotten laid since the dawn of time, the only difference is that your mother liked the guy doing it.

  17. i think she’s right. a guy trying it on or misreading signals is not sexual assault if they stop the first time they are told. the worst thing Fed did was trying it on with someone with a partner, but as soon as he was told no in the two circumstances that have come to light, he stopped.

    it’s very easy to shit on guys for making a move and failing, but the reality is when almost the entire burden falls on one group to do the instigating, mistakes and misreads will happen. men can’t be passive like women can, or they would never get laid or get in a relationship. calling them sexual predators for trying and failing is wrong.

    also with the whole verbal consent thing – all i’ve heard when it is discussed in the real word is how off-putting and unsexy it is. that is what women generally say about it. so asking for verbal consent for every little thing is a ridiculous argument.

  18. Shitty attempts at flirting? The dude did these things knowing full well she had a boyfriend, and had a pattern of doing it with many others…don’t sound just like shitty flirting to me.

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