Worth a facepalm.

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Worth a facepalm.

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  1. As for the safety belt thing, my dad and I were just talking about how people *did* hate seatbelts and many refused to wear them. That prompted click it or ticket policing. At least it was like that here in California.

  2. I can bet you that every single person upset about the masks was upset about all the others too, and probably are still mad about it but gave up fighting it. My family HATES the seatbelt law and thinks it’s taking away their freedom. It’s just…. real true stupidity

  3. I remember when people complained that seat belts were SO uncomfortable and they hated the new law.
    I wasnt thrilled myself , but after being hassled a few times by the police I began wearing one regularly.

    Back then they werent ‘smart enough’ to invent an ADA card explaining why they didnt need to wear one because of private ‘medical issues’ , lack of comfort, or feeling trapped.

    Seat belts saved lives period.

    “Muh car muh freedom” is what anti-belters would probably say in 2020 if that was a new rule .

  4. Not only do I suffer from anxiety I also suffer from chronic rhinitis, it especially fucks me up during night and morning since I can’t breathe properly while I sleep. It’s worse than wearing a mask and I still have to wear those in addition here. Do any of these people know how I fucking feel every day? Your freedom? Entitled idiots.

  5. Reddit is just a gold mine when it comes to the amount of memes and pictures highlighting the ridiculousness of people who refuse to wear masks properly or at all with some people.

    If slipknot and GWAR can play for 90 minutes in 100 degree heat no problem, then people can survive their shopping run in a heavily air conditioned building for an hour.

  6. Actually when seat belts were introduced there was whole campaign against it.

    It was the same with electricity.

    It was the same with telegraphs/radio.

    It is now the same with 5G.

    People are scared with new things and it takes effort to convince them otherwise.

  7. I understand the sentiment of this post, but besides the obvious backlash that occurred when pretty much all of these regulations had been enacted, no shoes no shirt no service started picking up steam around the 60s-70s for not the most righteous reasons you can wish for.

  8. Also this one:

    We gather money from everybody and use that for a fire brigade, so if your house is on fire they will come and put it out for free.

    People: *Okay no problem!*

    We gather some money from everybody so we can build roads out of asphalt because they travel better. You don’t need to pay for the road in front of your house!

    People: *Okay no problem!*

    We gather some money from everybody so we can build a library where everybody can go and read without having to pay

    People: *Okay no problem!*

    We gather some money from everybody so we can have a police force so if somebody tries to break in to your house you can call them and they will come free of charge.

    People: *Okay no problem!*

    We gather some money to build a hospital so if you are sick you can get treatment, free of charge!

    People: *That’s socialism!*

  9. I was gonna say that TSA only works bc people don’t want another 9/11 so masks would only work if there was a 9/11 level disaster but then I remembered we have a 9/11+ level disaster on our hands rn. We also have a disaster in the White House preventing us from taking the proper measures

  10. Wow you guys never knew people to fight every single one of these “ok no problem!” At walmart it was almost a daily issue of someone not wearing a shirt or shoes (no it wasn’t near a beach)

    Half my family doesn’t believe in seat belts.

    At a chemical plant job, management took Osha more serious then half the people there.

    And year of tsa I did, “sir take off your shoes please” “OMFG THEY ARNT BOMBS, DO I LOOK LIKE A TERRORIST?!?!?!?” Every single fucking day a melt down. “WELL AT BLAH BLAH BLAH AIRPORT I COULD BRING A GUN THROUGH”

    karens arnt new. I’ve dealt with them for over 10 years. Just the newest ones.

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