Witnessed the most savage bouquet toss I have ever seen yesterday.

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Witnessed the most savage bouquet toss I have ever seen yesterday.

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  2. Saw basically the same thing at my sister’s wedding. My sister’s husband’s sister (Cassy)’s boyfriend was planning to propose to her a week after the wedding and everyone in the bridal party except Cassy knew. We arrange to stand from tallest to shortest for the bouquet toss “for the pictures” but really it was so my sister could more easily aim the bouquet at Cassy, who was the shortest and would be all the way on the end.

    The big moment comes… and our 6’4″ second cousin Amy dove across the group of women to grab the bouquet and wrestle it out of Cassy’s hands. I’m talking sliding into home plate **dove** for it. After she got it she stood up and screamed BOOYAH!

    No one knew how to react. The flowers were annihilated. Amy and Cassy both did end up getting married the next year though.

  3. Omg.. I literally had a girl do this to me… I was the best man at a good friend’s wedding the girl i was dating at the time did exactly this, right down to the ending with the other girls walking off like “did this bitch rly just do that” and her pointing art me and laughing trying to make light of her craziness. This video just gave me post traumatic stress.. The most awkward fkin thing of my life.

  4. Went to a friend’s wedding with my ex, and a friend of a friend brought this crazy person. Anyways, friend went to throw the bouquet, I was sitting off to the side, and it ended up landing in front of me (she just tossed it blind).

    All of a sudden, crazy girl comes stomping over with this legit terrifying look in her eyes, and snatches up the bouquet from in front of me. Then she bounces over to the guy she came with all happy, while everybody stared. Dude was super embarrassed and they left shortly afterwards.

  5. I had to watch it several times but the one who caught it first had both hands on it and it should have gone to her. The other bitch had only one hand on it at first. I love the all rightyyyy then body language from the one smart enough to let that shit go.

  6. My friend caught the bouquet at three weddings in a row, and her boyfriend hid every time. He broke up with her six months after the third wedding. She had been looking at engagement rings.

  7. I feel bad for the girl in the sage green dress. She’s obviously the crazy girl’s only friend. And she tries so hard to pretend like she’s happy for her, but she’s dying on the inside and can’t believe she’s in this position again. And right before it turns off, she’s the only one talking to her and you just know she’s saying something like “No, it was funny! Don’t worry about it”. But deep down she’d rather be anywhere else.

  8. I loved that practically every single girl didn’t give a shit about catching it, and crack-head turns around to celebrate expecting to see people actually give a shit

  9. I love the reactions of all the other ladies, just like half disbelief, half amused at how over the top it was.

    Also how a bunch of the flowers get beheaded when she rips it away from the nice girl in the black dress.

  10. I had something similar happen to me at my husband’s cousins wedding.

    She waaaaay overshot the toss and it landed directly at my feet at the back of the hall. Her *extremely* drunk bridesmaid careened through the crowd directly at me as I picked it up and I actually had to take 7-8 steps back to prevent her from knocking me and several other guests down.

    She lunged at the bouquet and wrestled it out of my arm while everyone was awkwardly ha-ha-ing like the other girls in this video. I had bruises from her bullshit for three weeks and a huge gash across my arm from her massive statement ring.

    Joke was on her though, we did end up getting married next. We got engaged the following January and married a year and a half after that.

  11. I’ll never understand why girls are so competitive about the bouquet toss.

    A couple years ago I was at a friends wedding and I caught the bouquet. I’m 30 and this 15 year old girl (the grooms cousin) started crying when I caught it. The photographer captured the unfortunate moment.

    I ended up giving the bouquet to the girl because of how upset she was. It was pure cringe

  12. At my moms wedding I was 7 and they let me be a part of the bouquet toss, 10+ women and 3 girls under 10. One of moms friends shoved people *hard* the second the bouquet hit the air, she literally trampled me and my 5 year old cousin causing us to cry and ripped the bouquet from one of my aunts hands. My mom says she was parading around all happy and everyone basically avoided her the rest of the wedding after harming so many people. So stupid to act like that.

  13. That made me cringe. If I was her bf I’d be seriously embarrassed. Haha that is so trampy feel bad for the woman who caught it 1st. If she didn’t let it go that savage would have probably pulled her hair or something.

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