When twins Kamari and Kamera opened a lemonade stand, someone questioned if they had a permit to run it. So, they got one – and last week, they had an hour-long wait for lemonade

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When twins Kamari and Kamera opened a lemonade stand, someone questioned if they had a permit to run it. So, they got one – and last week, they had an hour-long wait for lemonade

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  1. I used to do Kool-Aid stands as a kid all the time, and luckily only had positive experiences. One time a guy came up and gave us $20 because he just appreciated us “being little entrepreneurs.” We lived pretty close to a grocery store, so one summer my friends and I would take turns taking some of our profits and running to the store and buying generic brand sodas. We would sell the cups of Kool-Aid for 50 cents each or the sodas for $1 each. One day we made around $150 total, which was divided 4 ways, but as an 11 or 12 year old kid that was huge.

    I’m sure that the stand itself was technically illegal, as well as reselling the Kool-Aid and sodas, but nobody ever tried to stop us. It’s wild to me how common these stories are now, unfortunately.

  2. If you ask a child if they are legally running their lemonade stand, you are a pathetic piece of shit.

    When I was delivering pizza a few years ago, one house who ordered had their kids out front with a lemonade stand. Kids asked if I wanted one, I said BRB as I was heading to front door. I knocked, gave the dad the order, got paid, got a $5 tip. I walked back, ordered up a lemonade, paid and got back to my car.

    Before I could put it in drive, the dad came up and secretly handed me another $5 for buying the cup.

    BTW: The lemonade was very good.

  3. What is it with people asking little kids if they have a dang permit for a lemonade stand?

    Edit: Who knew asking a simple question would get such a wide variety of responses.

  4. We can assume there’s some Karen sitting in her house down the block watching this and FUMING mad because her dumb ass thought she’d shut this down and now it’s not only thriving but people are standing in line in front of her house. Hopefully she learns to be a nice person from this instead it pushing her into being more of a twat next time.

  5. Had a friend who setup a lemonade stand at a farmers market for his daughter.

    The first person to come by was the health inspector and we all froze like, uhh what do we do, he is going to shut us down.

    He asked if everything was up to health code standards. It wasn’t. Kids were running it!

    He bought two cups of lemonade and paid with a $50 and to keep the change.

    Was a chill dude. Only assholes fuck with kids.

  6. When I was little (Around 15 years ago?) I had a lemonade stand in front of my house.

    A cop stopped by and bought a cup for $0.50-$1.00. He showed us his car and I was so amazed by all the tech he had. He never asked me for a permit and was very respectful.

    Me and my twin brother used to have them in the summers and we would split the profit and buy candy. We only ever made like $40-$50 but at that age, it was a lot. It also taught us about responsibility.

  7. When I was in high school, I had a friend whose brother made the news for a similar reason. Back in the 70s, during the gasoline crisis, there would be very long lines just for people to go get gas for the cars. Billy got it into his head to sell lemonade and snacks to the people waiting in line, and as I recall he was forced to stop because he didn’t have a permit. I think that’s the end of the story. He didn’t go get a permit or anything. They just crushed his little entrepreneurial spirit. My friend had the news article about her big brother hanging in her locker 10 years later. Yeah… That seems weird in retrospect, but at the time it seemed totally normal.

    Edit: everything is on the Internet! The judge ruled he didn’t need a permit. The question arose because the local luncheonette got pissed because his coffee was less than that at the luncheonette. The whole article is not about my friend’s brother, but if you scroll down, its in there. Also, it was only five years later.


  8. How much do those permits usually cost?

    Edit: Never mind. I just found a website article from 2015 (it probably costs more now) that stated the following. Note: It depends on your state, however:

    >A similar license from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will run $388 for two years. However, there is a $70 application fee and a $25 endorsement fee. So, this paperwork alone will set your lemonade mogul back almost $500, even before they factor in the cost of citrus fruits and plastic cups.

    Now tell me how this doesn’t disproportionately affect the poor..

  9. Just so everyone knows. Before this was reported by some Karen, a police officer I know stopped there on his way to work, in full uniform, bought lemonade from these two little entrepreneurs.

  10. I hate new media that have videos on their site that you have to watch an ad before their “video that you have to read. Just put it in your news article.

  11. Someone asked my younger Hispanic brothers in law if they had a permit to sell mexican candy. My wife told mr about it after it had happened.

    That shit made me so angry. I WISH I would have been there to see that shit and tell her to fuck off.

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