USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year, new court documents show

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USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year, new court documents show

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  2. > In written testimony and documents submitted Wednesday to a federal court in New York, the postal service’s director of processing operation disclosed the high number of removals, which is the most that occurred in one year of President Donald Trump’s tenure and roughly double the machines USPS typically removes in a given year.

    So we conveniently chose a critical election year in the middle of a pandemic to double the number of machines removed? Sounds like election interference to me.

  3. I love how in school we are taught about various systems we have in place to preserve democracy and I happen to live in the generation that gets to see it’s all bullshit. And then I get to hear politicians preach to me about being upstanding and what’s right or wrong only to see them using their position to benefit themselves.

  4. This was a plan in the making before trump. McConnell blocked every USPS nomination by Obama leaving the board wide open to be hijacked like this to help rig future election by sabotaging mail in voting in blue districts.

  5. Destruction of government property.

    Misallocation of taxpayer resources.

    Conspiracy to defraud the American taxpayer.

    Election tampering.

    Interfering with the Postal service.

  6. Because unsorted mail moves faster.

    The one outstanding question I have is why hasn’t the House been able to pin him down on who exactly ordered the dismantling of hundreds of mail sorting machines?

    I’m sorry, but “we have 30,000 managers” doesn’t cut it when you’re talking about destroying hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment.

    There are only going to be a handful of managers with that level of clout; in fact I can’t believe it wouldn’t have to be a board decision.

  7. One can eradicate 60 years of jerrymandering by mandating mail-in voting. Covid forced us to consider that, and immediately the Repugs attack the mail. It’s not hard to understand.

  8. My sense is that dejoy is a looot like sondland. A rich trump crony who wanted the fame and clout so he took the position. Then trump told him to do illegal shit and he never figured he would get caught. Then they got caught and all of a sudden, congress hauls his ass in.

  9. how many package sorting machines did they add? that line of business for them has increased over the past 10 years while mail has decreased over 10 years. if they’re getting rid of mail machines and replacing them with package machines, it makes sense.

  10. im not from america, how would you justify removing sorting machines? it seems pretty obvious this is sabotage, but how is it just accepted by everyone? you guys have guns and arent on the streets? in france people riot for “just” higher wages and you guys have guns and just watch your country going down..?

  11. Doesn’t sound as bad when you realize removing 400/year is close to average.

    Still high, but seems like click bait. Especially since in the article sources are quoted as this being routine operations.

  12. The Postal Service also [removed]( 14,000 blue mailboxes in 2016 and [closed]( 48 mail processing centers in 2012 — both election years — under Obama and oddly enough nobody cared. That’s because mail volume has been declining year-on-year for two decades. We no longer need as many letter sorting machines. The Postal Service has been shifting resources to accommodate more packages. It’s not a conspiracy.

    Edit: fixed link

    Edit 2: I gotta say, I expected to be downvoted into oblivion for this comment. Props to everyone who was interested in a good faith discussion.

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