Trump knew the coronavirus was ‘deadly stuff’ but chose to downplay it, according to recordings revealed in new Woodward book

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Trump knew the coronavirus was ‘deadly stuff’ but chose to downplay it, according to recordings revealed in new Woodward book

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  1. Trump: Oh hey, this guy always writes books exposing Presidents, often records his interviews, is almost always able to back up his allegations, is considered one of the most respected journalists in American history wants to talk to me. I definitely need to do this interview, nothing could possibly go wrong!!

  2. Plus when the Dems tried to close travel to China and Europe, he was telling everyone to go party in Chinatown and such. And then he shoved all those confirmed cases into nursing homes resulting in lots of extra fatalities. Or when he went out of his way to cripple local economies all over the country via because-I-said-so lockdowns all for political gain (while himself not being subject to those rules), only to suspend those lockdowns for rallies for his own pet causes. Or dramatically inflating the infection numbers by labeling every virus-related death as virus-*caused* even though 94% of those deaths had co-morbidities, again to increase unrest for political gain.

    Such a monster.

  3. More from cnn:”If instead of playing down what he knew, Trump had acted decisively in early February with a strict shutdown and a consistent message to wear masks, social distance and wash hands, experts believe that thousands of American lives could have been saved”

    -He shut down travel to China 3 days after his advisors told him the virus would be a major threat (Jan 31st)

    -February 1st joe Biden called him a xenophobe

    -pelosi encourage people to go to Chinatown feb 24th

    -fauci told us masks were not useful against the virus then admitted later he only said that to get people to stop buying them

    -if you don’t wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly then you’re an idiot

    -people have neglected social distancing for four months now in nearly every major city in the country, yet cases continue to trend downward

  4. Funny in /r/politics they claimed we would just bury this story. While at the same time they buried the story I posted over there about Dr. Fauci debunking this hoax. Nothing but angry irrational teenagers over there.

  5. He “downplayed it” by banning a lot of international travel very early on over the strong objections of leftholes, who claimed it was unnecessary.

    Narrative (that he didn’t take it seriously) is busted.

  6. Lmao another conveniently timed release 2 months away from the election with coordinated vote brigades by lefites (if not the site admin and their Chinese masters) to upvote it to the top of r/conservative.

    Among all of the hypocritical bullshit that goes on on this website, the ‘no brigading’ is the biggest lie of all. It just has to have the proper target.

    Edit- Watching this gain 100 upvotes every 10 seconds or so. Thats totally organic though, right reddit?

  7. Every single government in the world (even Taiwan CEDC was telling everyone not to panic and no need to wear masks if you are healthy) was playing it down. You would literally have to be mentally challenged to think the government is just gonna release everything they know all the time.

    I seriously don’t know what constitutes lying in the United States anymore. If what Trump did was “lying” then I guess I was being lied to every fucking day by my own government telling us not to panic, “we’re doing everything we can, it’s not that bad just avoid crowded places and wear masks if you’re coughing”. To the lefties NeverTrump making a big deal out of this, as someone from the country that arguably handled the virus flawlessly, I seriously would like to ask you what in the fuck is going on in your head?

    Like, I’m not saying Trump handled the virus flawlessly but come on, you can’t be this derange to expect governments to share information with you without reservation especially when it comes to something as massive as COVID. I refuse to believe one half of America is this irrational.

  8. I’m really flabbergasted as to how people think this is a bad thing. Shills from r/politics are acting like this is the ultimate “GOTCHA” moment.

    It’s funny how they completely ignore how POTUS closed the border to China on 1/31, and Pelosi and Biden called it “discrimination.” And an “outrage.”

    Then Pelosi went to some festival and said “come join us, there’s no problem, there’s no need for fear mongering.”

    You really can’t make this stuff up anymore. It’s literally mind boggling at this point. They talk in doublespeak, without logic. They use anger and emotional outrage to attempt to further their arguments, but none of it ever makes sense.

    If he had screamed about how scary it was (which is NOT what good leaders do), everyone would say he’s fear mongering and being xenophobic. If he did what he actually did, which is attempt to downplay the virus, people say “HOW DARE HE **INTENTIONALLY** downplay a virus that killed so many people????”

    Also, I’m just gonna leave this here. One set of standards for Trump, another for Obama. They really just hate him because he’s a rich old white guy. There’s no other reason.

  9. Yeah, considering he shut down travel from China, over a month before Nancy and the clan said it was just fine to come to Chinatown to party, he was a dismal failure.

  10. Which is worse

    1. Trump downplaying the virus for whatever evil genius/Drumpf idiot plan he has concocted.


    2. An experienced and well thought of investigative journalist, withholding critical health information during a pandemic from the very people that needs it. All to sell a book 6 months later.

  11. Wait, Trump specifically told people to go to Chinatown because his own travel ban was xenophobic? I can’t wait to read what is in the rest of the book. I hope there is a Russia bombshell in there also… You know, I bet there is.

  12. This story is so obviously a pure propaganda move to help Biden.

    This one checks all the boxes. Undercuts big good news for Trump today (Nobel prize nom), refocuses the narrative to COVID which suits Biden, distracts from Biden’s upcoming appearance where he will probably embarrass himself, and of course – is meaningless in and of itself because what Trump actually did matters, not what he said.

    It is not inherently bad for leaders to say something in private but not say it publicly. He did not want the country to spin out of control over this, was he supposed to get on the podium and say “YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE THE DEATHS ARE GONNA BE TREMENDOUS”? No. He said it was deadlier than the flu. That was true. He told people to be calm and it would go away eventually. That is also true. There is nothing wrong with his words or actions here at all.

    Beyond the other points, he didn’t even downplay the virus. 90% of positive tests to this point have been false positives. Only 6% of people that died did so only from COVID. Non-elderly are barely at risk from this disease at all. Rather, the media has **overblown** the virus to mislead the American people.

    It was deadlier than the flu. But not by much. People needed to stay calm, and his leadership in the time of crisis maintained stability while acting rapidly to prevent the spread.

    This is 100% manufactured outrage from a hostile media with an agenda. Period.

  13. I guess the folks pushing this are the same ones saying we need to all stay home for the rest of time until there is a vaccine that we all will refuse to take because trump is pushing it.

  14. What a pile of garbage this narrative is. I’d say him taking the very controversial act of blocking travel was not downplaying anything. You remember, the one Democrats including Joe Biden said was xenophobic. No, you just can’t remember? It was the move that Faucci said most certainly saved lives of Americans.

    I have to ask the brigaders; are you a paid shill, a foreigner or a useful idiot. Because you’re almost certainly one of those.

  15. Didn’t Dr. Fauci & vadm. Adams say that their original intention of downplaying the virus was so there wouldn’t be a shortage on masks and anti-viral equipment for hospitals. Since it had turned out China had been mass buying anti-viral & general medical equipment en masse and didn’t want to worsen the situation. As China was attempting to sell the same PPE & Equipment back at something like a 4x markup.

  16. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? The alternative is to tell people to panic and crap their pants…I hope Woodward thinks Roosevelt was out of line when he said “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”

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