Treating roads like a racetrack…and then it happens

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Treating roads like a racetrack…and then it happens

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  1. I will never understand this. I’ve ridden sport bikes since my early 20’s and loved every minute of it. I’ve done my share of risky riding but this shit makes no sense. While I don’t condone it, I understand going 120 mph on a mostly empty divided highway, I understand popping wheelies on public roads at 11pm.

    This shit, however just makes no sense. Even the best rider in the world can’t see around blind corners and these guys are riding in the oncoming lane. I’ve ridden with some fast dudes out in the twisteies who have amazing control of their bikes. But rule #1 is to always, always stay in your lane at all times unless you’re passing a car on a long straight with plenty of visibility. This is such an unnecessary risk.

  2. I was riding my bike back from Macrahanish, I wasn’t going slow, but 2 riders flew past me like this and I got front row seats to them ploughing headfirst into a lorry coming the other way as they were overtaking on a blind corner. I was in shock, the lorry driver tried to swerve to avoid them and went over the side, once we eventually got him out I realised that this moment would haunt him for the rest of his life. I still think about the lorry driver and hope he is ok, the 2 idiots on bikes had it coming, the only thing I feel sorry for them about was how they affected someone else’s life in the process.

  3. Thank god they didn’t crash into that poor car driver. I hope the car driver wasn’t too scared and doesn’t blame themselves for the bike going off the road. I know can get PTSD from these sorts of situations when it isn’t even their fault.

  4. I ride a motorcycle myself. And what they did is unacceptable. If he survived: hope he learned from his stupidity.
    If he died: thanks for removing yourself.
    I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for his family.

  5. Feels bad for the car driver.
    It’s so traumatizing to get in that situation. Legs shake for minutes, face gets cold, heart beats faster, breath accelerates, because we get surprised by either almost dying or killing someone.
    It’s no joke.

  6. There are mountainous ares all over the plave where I live that cyclist do this kind of shit.

    9 times out of 10 they slam against the railing, hit a boulder in the road, hit an oncoming car, or lose control.

  7. Been riding bikes almost 20 years and honestly never understood why people want to ride like this. I mean just go pay the fee for a track day. Modern day roads and traffic are the worst possible conditions to try and be a racer. Too many clueless drivers and potholes.
    These guys can afford new bikes and gear but not a weekend at a the track? Gtfo

  8. What frustrates me is when I see innocent people with their families dying because of these fools and their irresponsibility.

    Pretty sure there’s a special place in hell for people like you, and I hope you suffer for all eternity.

  9. Just yesterday, I went for a ride at speeds far exceeding the speed limit.

    1) On an empty road with damned near no traffic

    2) Staying in my own fucking lane

    3) On the rare occasion I did encounter another vehicle, waiting patiently behind them until a long straight opened up and I was sure there was nobody coming.

    I’m not going to criticize anyone for going too fast; I love going fast. I will criticize someone for going too fast for the conditions and their skill level, and for being a fucking idiot and riding in oncoming traffic.

    I’m glad he’s the only one he hurt, and I hope both he and the rest of his group use this as an opportunity to smarten the fuck up.

  10. I’m the asshole to say it but… They deserved that.

    There’s a reason track days exist. There are also enough safe roads without people or other drivers, to do this. Doing it on absolutely unsuited roads, in unknown condition, next to a slope… they had it coming.

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