TIL Casa Bonita needs to monitor the airing of the South Park episode because it causes an influx of customers.

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TIL Casa Bonita needs to monitor the airing of the South Park episode because it causes an influx of customers.

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  1. They may not need to worry about that anymore:

    >In April of 2020, The Denver Post reported that several employees had their “mid-march” pay checks bounce due to insufficient funds in the payroll account of Casa Bonita.[24] As late as July 7th, 2020: their website stated they are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[25] As of July 29th, 2020 the website of Casa Bonita has been replaced with a default web page, and links to other portions of the site do not function. It is not clear if this is a permanent change, as the website does not appear to be for sale.

  2. We visited Denver and made a trip to Casa Bonita because of South Park. I locked the doors when we pulled in the parking lot. There was a pawn shop beside of it. It was awfully amazing. The food was bad. There was a guy chasing a gorilla with a net. There were divers. I went thru black barts cave. It’s was amazing and terrible. 10/10 would go back.

  3. I remember when the episode aired for the first time I thought to myself, “I need to look that up!”. I never did. And 17 years later, you’ve answered my question. Thank you.

  4. The first time my wife and I went to Colorado to stay with my wife’s friend and her friend’s boyfriend, I got very, very high.

    I’m talking Dr. Manhattan viewing Earth from Mars.

    We watched this episode of South Park, and the boyfriend turns to me and goes “what a great episode, huh?”

    Me: “Yeah.”

    Him: “You wanna go there?”

    Me: “South Park?”

    Him: “No, Casa Bonita!”

    My stoned ass thought he was fucking with me. Turns out they lived like 20 minutes away.

    Idk if it was the weed or the fact that I’ve seen the episode a million times and wished I could have gone, but I about creamed my jeans when we got there.

    It was everything they said it was.

  5. They have an Eric Cartman doll at the top of the waterfall.

    In the South Park episode Cartman leaps from the waterfall in the climax before being arrested by the police for keeping Butters locked up in a bomb shelter.

  6. Hey that’s me! I was so proud of this interview, but watching it years later…I’m gonna be redoing this in the shower in the morning. Our last day of business was March 16. No word from the corporate office on reopening whatsoever. The website was just shut down a couple of days ago. Super disheartening. But I love reading the comments. OP’s fandom is endearing to say the least.

  7. There was a Casa Bonita in Tulsa, but it’s closed now. They had a waterfall room (smoking section until smoking was outlawed), a little villa with a live band, a great puppet show for kids (The Hand!!), and just the blandest Mexican food ever. Still miss it, though.

  8. Unfortunately, I don’t know if they’re gonna survive COVID. People exaggerate how bad the food is, it’s fine. For all-you-can-eat cafeteria-style Mexican in a dining room that smells like chlorine, what do you expect?

  9. I keep on seeing a lot of people didn’t know the actual restaurant existed. For me it was the opposite, I went there when I was 10 and I never knew there was a south park episode of it till now

  10. In the mid to late 70’s, I used to go there when we had half days from Lumberg Elementary School, a few blocks north. If you can image a group of un-escorted elementary kids walking along a pretty busy street, heading there for lunch…I used to be afraid to go in Black Bart’s Cave until this girl Stacy DeMarco went through, then I was ok I’ll do it, then I was just disappointed after…”that’s all it was?”

    I also sprained my ankle there one time running down in the caverns stairs…got a free meal after I said “it was so dark I missed a step”

    I don’t remember the quality of food, but sopapillas and honey was the deal.

    edit: spelling

  11. I know this is buried deep in the comments, but if you do go, please, please tip well. The regular patrons are lower income. I’ve personally seen two dine and dashes there (not teenagers or shitty 20 year olds, like full on families). Factor in the noise and a bunch of folk coming because of south park and it makes for a real shitty job. If you have the dough for the pilgrimage, make sure your tip reflects such.

    This is all assuming they will open back up. Word on the street is the last paycheck employees got before they shut down for covid bounced.

  12. For all the people complaining about the food, did you go to Chuck E. Cheese for the gourmet fucking pizza?!


    Edit: For you fools saying that pizza was good, you either have horrible taste or your nostalgia is running game on you.

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