This is literally just how kids are

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This is literally just how kids are

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  1. tbh I didn’t even start washing my hands as regularly as I probably should have until this pandemic. ridiculous we’d expect kids to understand why they need to when we have grown adults refusing to the simplest things

  2. I work with elementary school students. Back in March we had a massive group clean up of our facility and then sent all of the children to the restrooms to wash their hands before having a group meeting about hygiene, hand washing, etc. During this meeting I watched one of the fifth grade boys (11yo) sneeze into his hands, lick the snot off of them and start to wipe them onto his shirt. I had to call out to him to go wash his hands and his response to me was, “Again?!”

  3. I’m nearing 50 so my grandparents were probably around earlier than a lot of your grandparents. Anyway, I always remember them saying to wash your hands before you eat dinner. And I always wondered why.

    They were all around during that 1918-20 plague. They were passing down wisdom that we didn’t even fully understand until now.

  4. Yikes. Just brought back memories of being 6 years old and running the water so it would sound like I was washing my hands instead of actually washing them.

    That the behavior seems to be widespread is unnerving to say the least.

  5. Fuck the gifted program I was put in it and look at me. Depressed, dumb as shit, broke as shit, and have no realistic goals in life. I somehow got a scholarship but it was given to like 75% of my class. I felt sad hearing most my other classmates get all these scholarships and one girl got a 10,000 scholarship but she deserved it cause she’s one of the hardest workin people I’ve ever seen. Shit like that makes me wish I tried more in school instead of focusing everything on partying, girls, drugs, and music

  6. I was in advanced math started in 6th grade and I thought that “Help Wanted” signs were advocating for us to provide aid to outlaws like in the “Wanted” posters in cartoons.

  7. Dutch guy here, so I’m not too well educated on the Amarican situation, but according to our national health organisations children are the least likely to spread the virus (yes, even though they are unhygienic bastards), which is why our schools were closed for a relatively short time. Personally I’d rather trust their research than these anacdotal arguments, so opening schools can’t be that bad right? Some safety measures must be taken, though, like actually forcing them te wash their hands and that stuff.

  8. If you wanna scare kids into washing their hands, just get em to watch Osmosis Jones. That movie terrified me into being a clean freak for about a whole week as a child. That’s basically a year in child-time

  9. republicans are actually arguing kids will follow social distancing and safety protocols when kids literally often have a permanent snotty bubble on their top lip, cough with their entire throats, eat off each other, touch each other, hate being clean, and ya know…ARE CHILDREN. fucking ridiculous. the idiocy

  10. As an adult man I have always washed my hands, but having used public restrooms my whole life I am in the minority. I’d estimate 70% of the people I see use a urinal just bypass the sink entirely after they’re done, and of those who do wash like maybe 5% uses soap. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always carried hand sanitizer.

  11. All these kids/teens will come up with the most fucked up challenges just to get some clout. I’m sure they’ll make some bs challenge called ‘getting the most people sick’ challenge, or something similar to that.

  12. My nephew, at age 11, full on pretended to take a shower by turning it on, jumped in to get wet and would jump out.
    He’d sit on the toilet top playing his PSP. Forgot to lock his door & to turn on the shower one day, when I went to use the bathroom, he already had his “clean” underwear on, saying he took the shower. Kid was bone dry & ashy still…….
    We can’t open schools yet

  13. Hahahaha! I’m sorry but that truth hit me to my core. In middle school, I so badly wanted to cut down on the amount of time needed to get ready for school so that I could lay back down (and wait for Mom to get up and get ready). I figured, “simple, something’s just gonna have to go.” I legit stopped brushing my teeth for months for the sole purpose of getting a little bit more rest in the mornings.

    This scholar graduated No. 10 in a high school class of 365. I wonder if I would’ve done so well in high school if I were a toothless redbone redneck.

    How did I eventually brush my teeth again? Sitting in the backseat with my friend, telling a story to her and realizing she was very high key looking at my mouth with the “Dad, pull over so we can banish this monster” face.

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