The official Ford Bronco live launch thread.

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The official Ford Bronco live launch thread.

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  1. Live stream thanks to /u/IdeaPump:

    All new thread starters on this topic will be removed for now.

    For additional info, check out /r/FordBronco and /r/Ford.

    Preview thread:


    Early review by MT –

    C&D –

    Roadshow –

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this year, some of the other major brands with off-road vehicles jump on the bandwagon with their own spin on a Jeep or bronco. Think of a reimagined land cruiser or fJ, Honda passport or Honda Element, maybe a revived blazer (seriously). I’ve been in the market for a while for a Jeep, but was a little hesitant based on almost everything you see on this thread. Always hated the “well it’s a Jeep, what do you expect” argument. So the bronco so far seems like the choice for me.

  3. Ford is claiming 17% more wheel travel than the Wrangler fyi just heard.

    Also if you buy a Bronco Sport Badlands package or a 2 or 4 door you get an invite for free offroad instruction at one of four off road parks Ford is opening. Going to be called Offrodeos! Similar to what SRT used to do for Viper, Challenger and SRT Charger buyers with their free track days.

  4. I’m having trouble finding info on this, so any help would be much appreciated. Is there a difference in wheelbase length between the 2 and 4 door? I think the 2 door is the much sexier version, but don’t want to be sacrificing cargo space, or if I am, not by much.

  5. Anyone know if this new bronco will be reliable as a ford vehicle standpoint?… as in last as long as a Toyota? Because I don’t know much about fords I only drive toyotas but I am very much interested in giving up the Toyota for a bronco

  6. The more I look the more I feel like these are easily going to get over 50k decently equipped even in 2 door. Maybe thats why the builder isn’t up yet lol. Definitely going to end up being out on this for now if the sticker is that much and the dealers won’t discount.

  7. I think the Bronco looks cool but I really dislike this trend of developing one super efficient drivetrain, dumping it into every new vehicle, and then just switching the tune. It feels like a huge aspect of the vehicle’s charm has been ripped away and now we have less fun dimensions to compete across. I know the engines aren’t bad but c’mon…the pattern will eventually kill the spirit of the car. It’s like with BMW’s i6/ZF drivetrain. I didn’t have to drive the new Supra to know what it would be like because it’s been the same god damn car BMW has been pumping out for the last decade.

    Still getting one.

  8. Was shopping for a Wrangler a few months back. You can’t get lockers, big tires or even steel bumpers as options on Wrangler models except the Rubicon. Ridiculous. Even the Willys (pronounced Willis) model l was focused on was only available with the “anti spin diff” as an option. It did have M/T Firestones and Rubicon shocks though.

    I am now going to be seriously considering a 2.7 Base or Black Diamond Bronco instead. The fact that Ford allows you to get the Sasquatch package on a base model is really cool of them. I like the various grill and trim packages.

    Speaking of grills l was hoping Ford would have released Bronco with a nine slot WW2 Jeep face. Ford built so many they were able to copyright/trademark the nine slot grill. That is why first CJs had seven slots.

  9. I love Chevrolet.
    That said, this new bronco obliterates what chevy is calling the ‘blazer’. The retro look, the multiple types of bronco, and the logo refresh (not redesign) all add up to a homerun from Ford.

  10. Please please please let our stroller fit in behind the rear seats on the 2 door! Even my wife agrees the 2 door is the sexier model. It just looks so damn cool. I mean, I’ll take the 4 door if things don’t fit but my heart is calling out for that short Bronco.

  11. I’m sitting here trying to justify to myself why I should get one when I don’t do any offroading whatsoever. I literally will just take it to the store and on the occasional weekend trip.

  12. I have always wanted a Wrangler but the practical side of me said no due to reliability issues and the fact that it’s basically a tin can for $40k. I can really see the perk in buying a Bronco 4 door though just because Ford does stuff better. I don’t think Wrangler sales will tank though, I just think that Ford might be tapping into buyers like me who wanted a quality product.

  13. Interested in the v6 engine. Whats the cheapest model that would have this?

    any idea what the MPG will be for the new bronco?

    I’m guessing somewhere in between a wrangler and compass so like 22 city and 30 highway?

  14. I was ready to buy a wrangler until i sat in one for the first time and my head hits the roof cross brace.

    Without that brace the bronco may be just right – i hate it’s a turbocharged, exhaust recirculating engine in there but i guess a v8 is too much to ask for

  15. A lot of people are confusing internet hype with commercial success. At these price points, they are only attractive to people already considering spending their $40k+ on a Wrangler. There’s not much at these price points to bring other buyers in the general SUV or “fun car” market over, so their base is really just Wrangler buyers. Jeep is already offering some good incentives on the Wrangler/Gladiator line-up, and with some competition that will only continue. So even those Jeep buyers will have incentive to stick with Wrangler. The Bronco will definitely sell, all cars sell. But to say RIP Wrangler is a huge overreaction.

    It’s free to post an internet comment about how much you love and and how you can’t wait to buy one. But when it’s time to hand over the money people realize a) they’re not be able to afford it (people keeping saying “4dr starts at only $36k!” but the real price to purchase that model is somewhere between $40-41k) or b) realize there is so much more value for money elsewhere.

    Edit: a lot of people have apparently never bought a car before and think the MSRP is the price you pay to buy the car. Please learn about the car buying processes before suggesting you can buy a base Bronco for $36k.

  16. I’m sure this has already been said but I was really excited until I saw the only manual option is a 4 pot.

    I would enjoy test driving one still but I just dont know if I could spend 40k+ on a manual 4 cyl when I could have a more charismatic and better sounding OG 8 cyl.

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