That baby would have chosen deafness.

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That baby would have chosen deafness.

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  2. I’m deaf. A lot of people feel this way because in the community being deaf isn’t seen as a disability most of the time, I don’t have an opinion on that. I’m very much aware of the fact that my deafness is a disability that makes life harder, but that’s only my experience and hearing loss is a very wide spectrum, if they can learn to love their deafness more power to them.

    However, this often results in the deaf community being quite exclusionary. They’re extremely protective to the point of policing the capitalisation of the word “Deaf”, the use of hearing aids and saying things like this about parents that just want the best for their child. I have never felt like I belonged in the deaf community because of people like this. Not being accepted in either world is a really common thing actually.

    **Edit: Someone commented an example of what I’m talking about. I’m going to copy/paste that here**

    _”The fact that you aren’t capitalizing Deaf makes me think you just know Deaf people. Probably a younger sibling of a Deaf person._

    _We capitalize Deaf because we have a culture, a language, a history. Nobody polices the use of hearing aids. They do police, if that’s the right word (it’s not), the use of cochlear implants on children. And that seems completely reasonable._

    _You don’t belong to the Deaf community. You don’t even have enough respect for us to capitalize our name”_

    **You invalidate me and insinuate that I am lying just because I don’t feel the way that you do, just because I didn’t capitalise a word. I perfectly understand “Deaf culture”, I’m not against it either. Whether you believe me or not, I am still Deaf. I can’t change that, sorry.**

    **I’m just saying that there is unfortunately a lot of us who are deaf (or Deaf. I really didn’t mean anything by that. I was writing what I thought was just a random tiny, unseen comment on a cringe subreddit. I have no agenda.) that have been “mistreated” by people who are in “Deaf culture”, I have personally experienced people policing the use of hearing aids, and contrary to what you may think I _don’t_ think that cochlear implants should be thrown on young children as much as they seem to be. It isn’t a perfect solution, far from it as we know. And yes, they _do_ police it.**

    **Please don’t dismiss/doubt something that is a fundamental part of me just because we disagree. I would love more than anything to be a part of the community, but unfortunately the times that I have tried have left me feeling unaccepted. Apparently that is a sentiment that a lot of people share. That is all I meant.**

    Edit 2: This was their response.

    _”Again, you are not welcome. You are *not* welcome._

    _You go out of your way to disrespect us. Fuck off. Go pander to the hearing. They don’t want you, either, but whatevs.”_

    **Like I replied to you, thank you for proving my point. You have absolutely zero tact and are a great example of your community being as exclusive and as mean as I said. I did not go out of my way to disrespect you. In fact, that’s what you did, I simply made my case.**

    **Why would anyone want to give Deaf culture any respect at all if this is how you treat one of your own? Oh yeah I forgot, you don’t believe me. Welp, you got me. No you didn’t, imagine being completely invalidated by people who should rally around you, it isn’t a great feeling.**

    **You are a detriment to your culture, way to prove to a bunch of hearing people that they should avoid Deaf people because they are insufferable. Thanks for making things just a little bit harder for all of us, I’m sure that is exactly what you want. You say there is a rich Deaf history and culture, it’s a shame because you could have simply talked about that and shown me a little respect, that would have gone such a long way.**

    **I guess I know for sure now, I’m all alone in this because the very people that should want to support me, hate me and literally tell me I don’t belong when all I really wanted was a little support.**

  3. Their argument doesn’t make sense because babies can’t consent to anything… That’s why parents make these decisions for them using their better judgement. What’s wrong with people lol

  4. Put it like this: If the kids grows up and decides to go back to being deaf that’d be pretty easy. If they wanna hear but wasn’t given the procedure though that’d be hard.

    There is nothing unethical with restoring healthy biological functions to a child who was born disabled.

  5. Some deaf people view being deaf as being part of a community. So to get an operation or artificial help to hear is seen as a slight against the deaf community. Like, “There’s nothing wrong with us, why would you try to fix it?”

    Most deaf people have absolutely no problem with it, though.

  6. I got the implant as an adult. And I have gotten some flack from the Deaf community. I was never actually a part of the community to begin with…but now its visible that I have the device on my head and So now its like a choice I made not to join the community? Honestly a little baffled.

  7. Medical reason:

    If you do NOT implant a hearing aid (cochlear implant in this case) before the baby is 12 months old, the baby will never develop a function auditory nervous system and never develop a center for understood speech.
    Nervous stimulation is crucial in early child development to be able to hear and understand speech.

    Later on it will be impossible for an implant to work. If the kids later on still decides that it doesn’t wanna hear (which Im sure as hell he’ll won’t), then he could remove it.

    This whole “consent” thing is reaching unreasonable stupidity.

  8. This is a whole thing in certain parts of the deaf community. Some people who are deaf think that cochlear implants are ‘genocide’ towards the deaf community.

  9. This isn’t an attitude exclusive to the deaf either. If the baby had been born blind and they could fix it I can guarantee some blind person would write something like “ndjdjdjnsnjejeb d d fbr d vndjebc. Cjdjej e fjckd snajdj f fjckd dn fjd” as well.

  10. Often times people with disabilities would kill to gain what they don’t have. You have no right to say something like that. The baby was blessed to be born at a time where this could be done. Thank god.

  11. This is a full-on debate within the deaf and hearing-impaired communities. Is it better to remain deaf and be part of the deaf community, or is it better to get the implants (which doesn’t mean your hearing is the same as a person without impairments) and fit in with able-bodied communities?

  12. Its ridiculous how defensive the deaf community is. Like what if some people with fucked up vision made a group and denounced every visually impaired person who wore glasses or got laser eye surgery? What if amputees made a community and shamed other amputees for getting prosthetics? It seems ridiculous. If there’s nothing you can do about your deafness then you shouldn’t shame or demean yourself for it, but if you can fix it than I would absolutely go for it, I don’t think a practically life debilitating disability that cuts if one of your main senses is anything to have pride for or want to keep.

  13. This is legit. There are groups of the deaf community that literally hate people who can hear. An acquaintance’s boyfriend was deaf and their baby was born hearing. He tried to damage the baby’s ears. Went to prison.

  14. Deaf person with cochlear implants here! I know my sentiment doesn’t reflect the Deaf community (and is probably controversial), but it is absolutely fucking disgusting how this person is willingly to attack this parent for making choice that could potentially help their child. Everyone should be allow to make a choice.

    Deaf elitism is absolutely a thing, though it’s pretty much a minority within a minority. But they are the most vocal of all. Growing up, I often felt that I don’t belong or accept into the Deaf community because I have cochlear implants, even though I am proud that I am deaf. Even one of my ASL interpreter I had in grade school made my family and I feel awful about ourselves just because I have cochlear implants. My family made a choice to not only implant me, but to teach me sign language. And I am very thankful that my parent did. I’m quite proud that not only I can understand English pretty well, I can also fluently sign.

    If I have deaf child(ren), I would absolutely implant them. I would also teach them sign language. Language acquisition is crucial during childhood development, so it is important that they have some sort of communication in any way possible. If implantation fails, at least they will know sign language.

  15. Do you remember being a 1 year old baby? No? Neither do I. We don’t get episodic memory till 3 so I’d rather be able to hear and go through trauma that won’t even be remembered than be deaf. Yall are some fucktards

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