South Dakota governor uses coronavirus relief funds for $5 million tourism ad despite COVID surge

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South Dakota governor uses coronavirus relief funds for $5 million tourism ad despite COVID surge

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  1. A 5 million dollar tourism ad. For South Dakota.

    Edit: Nice reaction! First, I’m sure South Dakota is great. I’d be lying if I said I read all the replies, but here’s a thought: apparently most of the $5M is going towards fees to air the ad on national TV, right? Even if you set aide 1M for that, they would still have enough money to pay 800 South Dakotans $5,000 each to make their own ads – put them on YouTube, make a compilation of the best bits, and show it during the next big sporting event. But what do I know, give it to massive media corporations, sure.

  2. She also spent $350k of taxpayer money, earmarked for economic development, on throwing Trump a fourth of July party. After claiming private funds would be raised for the purpose.

    Well, she spent that much on the fireworks, at least.

  3. She tried to sue the native tribes for them blocking roads entering the reservation due to COVID. They said, “fuck you, we own this land.” And kept doing what the needed to do to keep their people safe.

    Edit: If you would like more insight, here is a segment from [The Daily Show](

  4. She spent a lot of money on ads airing in Minnesota shit-talking our governor for shutting things down and advocating for businesses from Minnesota to move to South Dakota.

  5. She is the same idiot that is running commercials here in MN trying to convince businesses to pack up shop and move to SD because they don’t have to wear masks and haven’t shut bars.

    Here is all i ever here from this idiot when she blathers on and on in her stupid commercial:

    “Shut your business down in the great state of MN and move it on over to a state with over 6x less of a work force to choose from, and those you find will have far less skills and lower levels of education. Our annual GDP growth is an amazing 50% lower than MN. Where the median household income is $12,000/yr less. Homeownership is at lower levels. And 4% more of our (dismal) population lives in poverty. We also have a significantly higher percentage of residents that do not have health insurance, and our medical facilities are far less advanced. We also have a motorcycle rally in the literal middle of nowhere that basically doubles our population for about a week. Also, have you ever heard we have the coolest big rock that we stole from the Native population who worshiped the mountain that we proceeded to blow up with dynamite and install the faces of those who supported the slaughter of these very same people? You should really move your business to a state that offers far less, because we support your freedom to not wear a mask and you can have COVID parties at our bars anytime you want! Thank you listening and I look forward to welcoming any idiot that is dumb enough to listen to me and move your business to our inferior state.”

  6. South Dakotan here..

    I’m up for adoption.. I’ve got all my shots. I just need out of here!

    Ps I make really good boiled water.

    But seriously. It’s nice to see other Dakotans here with a positive attitude towards the state.

    This state is bullshit. Pedos will get a shorter sentence than a pothead.

    But that’s not all.. we.. err or governor is a batshit dunce that doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground.

  7. The money being used for this ad campaign is the funds from the CARES ACT that were to be used for unemployment. Many in the state of SD are not being paid their owed unemployment which has led to this budget surplus.

    Kristy Noem is a failure. She barely graduated from high school and possesses no higher education. She is an embarrassment to many in SD.

    To the rest of America, we ask for forgiveness and want you all know we can do better.

  8. I think this comment from a user in r/SouthDakota sums up Kristi Noem quite well:

    “Kristi Noem is using the pandemic to illegally push the Keystone Pipeline through. I think she cares more about lining her pockets with foreign Big Oil cash than she does about saving SD’s people and economy from harm. I think she is proving to be the worst thing to ever happen to the people of SD. She is coordinating with the worst crisis in SD history, in fact modern civilization, to ensure that the Keystone Pipeline, which was successfully halted by Tribes for over a decade, goes unheeded. I think she is a sycophant, a liar, and a war criminal. I think she should be tried in court as such. For she is effectively using biological warfare for a useless and dangerous project. So dangerous that it could poison one of the world’s largest underground oceans, the Oglala Auquifer, forever. This would destroy life as we know it in the Black Hills, western SD, as well as the ecosystem in at least five other states. Not only is she the worst governor to grace SD, she should go down in history as an example of tyranny, selfishness, and an enemy of the people and all living things of this beautiful Earth. She is enacting draconian beliefs of Christian extremism and Manifest Destiny, and essentially committing genocide by allowing the virus to spread into the Tribal communities which have been under illegal occupation since before SD’s statehood. She hides, as all SD government has traditionally, in Pierre. Away from the general population, away from the Tribes, away from the press and away from accountability. She lives the dream of all histories dictators and fascist lords and rulers. She builds literal walls around herself, and commits herself to the most unamerican legislation this country has had the displeasure of having made law. That is, the criminality of dissent. During a pandemic. She is weak minded, and escapes accountability through lies, propaganda, and cowardly mischief. She has made any semblance of a tourist economy impossible for years to come, and has effectively limited testing capacity in the regions of the Pipeline’s path to paint an illusion and to buy time. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, believe in saving lives or saving dollars, or whether you are an SD citizen or a citizen of the planet Earth, Kristi Noem has put you in danger, she has put your economy in danger, and she has put all future generations of people, plants and animals in danger. For the tar sands pipeline. Trump and Biden and NYC and California may make daily headlines, but Kristi Noem is possibly one of the most dangerous people in human history. She must resign. And face the full force of the law. For crimes agains humanity, crimes against now and future children. And of the Earth.”

  9. It’s pretty amazing to me that as Americans we spend so much time pointing out corruption in governments abroad when our own is basically a scandal factory that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 3 shifts to ensure a constant supply of amoral bullshit.

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