On this day, 29 July 1962, fascist Oswald Mosley attempted to march through Manchester. However he was attacked by anti-fascists who knocked him to the ground, and had to be rescued and escorted by 250 police, who were unable to prevent the fascist being pelted with tomatoes, eggs, coins and stones.

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On this day, 29 July 1962, fascist Oswald Mosley attempted to march through Manchester. However he was attacked by anti-fascists who knocked him to the ground, and had to be rescued and escorted by 250 police, who were unable to prevent the fascist being pelted with tomatoes, eggs, coins and stones.

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  1. I decided to find a speech of his and so many Youtube comments were in support of this guy. Even though Youtube comments tend to be a cesspool it still surprises me that there are so many fascist sympathisers.

  2. Manchester has a largish Jewish community as well as many socialists (remember, it was originally The *Manchester* Guardian).

    He would not be at all popular.

  3. Mosley was at this point a pan-European nationalist. His party that year was called the National Party of Europe.

    “The idea came to fruition at the Conference of Venice in 1962 when the leaders of the Union Movement, the Deutsche Reichspartei, the Italian Social Movement, Jeune Europe and the Mouvement d’Action Civique came together to form this group. The European Declaration at Venice was released on 1 March 1962 and contained the following ten aims:

    1. The creation of Europe a Nation through a common European government.

    2. The creation of an elected European parliament.

    3. The continuation of national parliaments with their authority limited to social and cultural matters.

    4. Economics to be driven by the wage-price mechanism to ensure fair wages and economic growth.

    5. The creation of an economic alternative to capitalism and communism.

    6. More worker control and less bureaucracy in nationalized industries.

    7. The withdrawal of American and Soviet forces from Europe.

    8. An end to the role of the United Nations with the US, USSR and Europe acting as three equals.

    9. Decolonization with a move to set up single-ethnic governments in former colonies.

    10. Europe to be defined as mainland territory outside of the USSR, the United Kingdom, overseas territories and around one-third of Africa.”


    The first thing that strikes me about this programme is that many of the subscribers of /r/europe would agree with it. So would many enthusiasts for the European Union in general. The position is “Neither Washington nor Moscow” and a third way economically.

    Where they might disagree is with point 5, preferring liberal capitalism of some kind, point 7, being broadly America-friendly and Russia-phobic, point 9, which hardly applies now, and point 10 especially the bit about Europe including one-third of Africa. Who knows what the thinking was there, perhaps trying to recreate the Roman Empire?

  4. ‘Anti-fascists’ at that time was anybody who’d been involved with World War Two.

    And that’s maybe 17 years after the last shot was fired in that war?

    Plenty of living veterans and family members and people who’d been injured still very much alive with very fresh memories.

    Basically, everyone was ‘anti-fascist’. How could they not be? Some saw first-hand what happened in the death camps. Some were recently rescued from death camps.

    Being anything but anti-fascist is just plain…

  5. I’m in the camp of «mob justice/violence is never a good or a moral way to go about anything», which I have found out isn’t very popular, which really surprised me when I discovered it.

    I grew up expecting ( taught at school ) to live in a society in which it’s obvious to everyone that true fairness and equality in front of the law are good things we should always give no matter what our emotions are.

    I can completely understand why this happened though, and it’s obviously deserved.

    It’s just that a civilized and benevolent society should give everybody the same rights, no matter how disgusting and lacking basic humanity they are. The right to not experience mob violence is one of those.

    This is the same basic notion that drives lawyers to give their clients the best help possible even if they are utterly disgusted by the client/defendant’s actions or views.

    This is pretty much a variation of «innocent until proven guilty», and we all agree that’s important and a good idea, right ?!

    The victim and the worse abuser should both get the best legal help, the least abuse, and the same impartiality of justice. Then the abuser should get condemned/sentenced, and pay dearly for what they have done.

    But they shouldn’t pay until after the sentencing. They should never pay before we have made sure they deserve the punishment. There are innocent people who have died on the electric chair. Justice isn’t perfect, making sure it’s safe even for the worst of the worst is what makes the system just/fair.

    If somebody doesn’t think this way, I’d sincerely be interested to learn about what their perspective is. I genuinely do not get it and would appreciate somebody taking the time to explain what their point of view is, and why they don’t have an issue with

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