Officer chocking a guy for no reason. He was later charged with resisting arrest.

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Officer chocking a guy for no reason. He was later charged with resisting arrest.

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  2. Typical. They twist the shit out of your wrists and arm instead of just handcuffing you and when you naturally reflex to stop your fucking wrist from being broken they do this shit. Cause its been taught that it is ok and they are untouchable. Fucking asshole.

  3. Call Major Joel Sanderfur at 765-648-6713 and ask that the officer be fired or placed on desk duty until a internal affairs investigation can take place.

    The number in the video is for dispatch.

  4. Not only was it an illegal chokehold, it was an asshole cop who lost his shit and if any civilian had done that, he or she would be in jail. We have to start holding cops to the same standards that we hold civilians as it relates to assault and physical injury.

  5. Props on the dad for not jumping in and making it worse. I’m not some billy bad ass and haven’t been in a fight in 35 years, but if I saw a cop doing that to my son I don’t think I’d be able to just watch it.

  6. ah, the classic “arrested for resisting arrest”. for those days when you’re feeling extra impotent and have something to prove to all those kids who hated you in highschool.

  7. “Nice had been arrested for suspicious behavior after an officer heard gunshots while he was patrolling about 9 p.m. in the 3000 block of Noble Street.”

    Bruh. It’s daytime. What?

  8. Apparently, the female cop is a good apple. I mean, she doesn’t tell her partner to calm down. She does absolutely nothing, but allow the bad apple to act out his bad apple ways.

  9. Something very similar happened to me at 21 years old. Almost graduating college and charged with resisting arrest bc a cop tried to choke me out. Charges, dropped in court a month later and cop got pissed off but surely never suspended for it. Fuck these clowns.

  10. Honestly one of the most infuriating parts of all these videos is knowing how badly the victim probably wants to fight back, but knows if they do itll be used as justification for whatever fucked up thing the cop probably wanted to do in the first place

  11. I watched a cop slam a guy face first into the ground, knocked him out, and later charged him with assaulting an officer. The “suspect” did nothing. I was no more than three feet away. After the cop knocked him out, he asked me and my father if we had “seen anything”.
    Of course I said no because I didn’t want to be assaulted or worse.

  12. Jeezus. Anderson police not having a good time past couple of years.

    “He’s accused of coming to his girlfriend’s home, forcing his way into the residence, assaulting her, putting his hands around her neck and confining her. …The victim’s grandfather came into the house and broke up the incident and he left.”

    Previous incident with same officer : Traveling 90 mph in a 45 mph speed zone.

    “After seeing the driver was an APD officer, Trooper Girt exercised officer discretion and, rather than writing a ticket, chose to summon an APD supervisor to the scene to turn the matter over to their department for their review,”

    Then……When they arrest him his father (police chief) gets arrested

    “Anderson’s police chief is being demoted for allegedly cursing, threatening and flipping off Indiana State Police officers as they were arresting his son in June for a domestic incident “

    Then in December 2015

    ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson police officer was arrested Thursday afternoon for allegedly selling drugs to an informant and undercover FBI agent while he was in uniform and on-duty. .. and grabbing the guys hands and placing them on his genitals

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