Obesity increases risk of Covid-19 death by 48%, study finds

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Obesity increases risk of Covid-19 death by 48%, study finds

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  1. I’ve gone from a 45.1 to a 41.6 BMI, lost a total of 35 lbs during this quarantine. I hit a bit of a plateau this past month and put a couple of pounds back on. Seeing these articles is really giving me motivation to start losing again!

  2. Yep I was 265lbs when lockdown started in March and now Im 215lbs. I decided to take all the anxious energy this year was giving me and burn it up biking 25km a day and then doing a single 50km bike riding once a week. The only power in this whole situation is the power I have over myself.

  3. This is true. For months my friend in California who works as an RN in ICU has been telling me if someone comes in sick with covid and they overweight, young or old, risk factors or not, their chances are way lower, and if they end up on a vent they are pretty much done.
    I am a nurse as well for last 25 yrs and I have always told my family that the number one risk factor that I have identified in my work is obesity. That is over smoking, drugs, etc. I have always been saddened by the way we have handled it in our culture, enabling it to the point of shaming people for even mentioning it. As the years rolled on (I retired last year) my patients got heavier, the complications being increase infection, less likely to recover from anything, wounds heal slower, body require too much 02 to support breathing problems, over stressed heart, failing joints, and on and on and on.

    Love all the responses but honestly I don’t think it is about “going after” anyone or anything. It is about empowering ourselves to break out of the some of the self imposed cages we put ourselves in. If we made different individual choices the rest would follow. Like the meat industry that is starting to hurt because 25% of us are choosing to make different choices. We have so much power in our consumerism. Think of how we could stick it to big pharma by losing weight and going off insulin and hypertension meds. Change diet and go of protonix. Food really is medicine.

  4. I’m still definitely overweight, but I went from 315 to 260 during quarantine and I’m really glad I did that. Any decrease in risk, especially since I’m in a case heavy state(Texas) for college, is really nice.

  5. Everyone should keep in mind that the infection fatality rate is somewhere between 0.5-2%, so this is an increase to 0.75-3% for obese people. So mostly within the margin of error of the death rate overall.

    Also it may be that it means 3 20-year-olds die instead of 2. It could even not have an effect on 80-year-olds, who tend to be frail anyway.

    And how much does being over 75 increase your mortality rate? Well, there were 610 deaths of people under 44 by May 13 in NYC, and 7419 deaths of people over 75. There are around 191 million people in the US under 44 and about 23 million over 75. Scaling up that 75 number, we get 7419 * (191/23) = 61610. So the odds ratio for mortality and being over 75 vs under 44 is 61610 / 610 = 101. Which is a 10000% percent increase.

    So being old is a huge factor compared to being obese. And many 80+-year-olds are losing muscle mass and frail, not obese.

    A number of studies in the meta-analysis actually showed a decrease in mortality for obese individuals, which is pretty incredible when you consider the fact that such a result might not always be published (as it is a negative result and can be seen by some as a non-result).

    Finally, remember that grouping all obese people together does not tell you relative risk of someone 100 pounds overweight vs 200 pounds overweight. If only the latter is a problem, you’ll still see it reflected overall.

    Study here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/obr.13128

  6. You know what is terrifying? What Americans consider “obese” is so far beyond the actual definition of obese (based on BMI, which I know is a bit flawed).

    I’m a 29 year old male, 6’4”. In December, I weighed 253lbs. I knew I had some weight to lose, but if I saw someone with my stats walking down the street, in no way would I think they are “obese”. I would’ve said I had a typical “dad bod” and that I was in decent shape. Well, with a 30.8 BMI, I was obese. That honestly blew my mind.

    Since then, I’ve lost about 45lbs (done mainly because I discovered I have heart disease), down to 207 (BMI 25.2), and I’m still technically slightly overweight.

    American’s view of obesity is so badly skewed. I understand that people don’t like fat shaming, but acting like it’s normal or healthy (or even some people who say it’s “sexy”) is NOT okay.

  7. For the unaware: that means if non obese people have a 2% risk of death, obese people have about a 3% risk of death.

    Be careful when reading data because it’s easy to be misled.

  8. This makes me so happy that I decided to lose weight this year, I went from Obese class 2 to being slightly overweight since January, And I’m still losing weight, Not even finished yet. Guess I did my body some huge favors healthwise.

  9. There’s never been a better time to lose weight and quit smoking for those that need it.

    If you’re working from home use the time you used to devote to your commute to do an at-home workout. There are so many resources out there to help you with a program that can be done in your living room with little to no equipment.

  10. This is sobering and scary but I needed to see this. I have gained a ton of weight since April and can’t blame the pandemic really just myself and my stopping the keto lifestyle I had stuck to for a year prior. Time to get “deadly” serious about my weight.

  11. Obesity is definitely the biggest risk factor, but please don’t think that you’ll be fine just because you’re a healthy weight. One of my closest friends who is slim, works out everyday and is a vegetarian nearly got vented when she had covid. She was satting at 82% on room air. She said she doesn’t even know if she sleeping or awake because she was so delirious from the fever. She recovered and is doing great now, but anyone can get seriously ill. The virus is not a hoax. She’s 37 with no past medical history. Wear a mask. Her situation really scared the shit out of me.

  12. Welp. Time to diet. Again.

    I had covid19 in april and I’m positive that the only reason I had it so ”mild” is I am a runner. Covid19 ruined my lung capacity though. I ran 15k the weekend before I got sick, 20k the weekend before that. Now little old ladies with canes pass me by…

  13. I think this will be a real wake-up call for the “every-body is beautiful” people. While we should not all strive to be the 80lb movie stars, we also shouldn’t be okay with those who are far overweight, it becomes taxing on the system as well as on the individual their dependents. Fat can be an important survival tool, but once it gets to the point of being 100 pounds overweight we should no longer strive to normalize those people as they are putting themselves at risks and set a bad precedent for others around them. Its harsh but I think COVID makes it clear that the risks should outweigh the impact of hurt feelings

  14. Specifically in young people, the figure is something like 90% obese or morbidly obese…

    When I see idiots who fit the criteria refusing to wear masks, I just hope they don’t take anyone else down with them for their stupidity.

  15. So if the risk is, I believe, 1% then the risk if one is obese does not move from 1 to 49%, it moves to something more like 1.48%, correct?

    e: I am not trying to downplay the increased risk and as a middle-aged fatfuck myself I understand that I need to lose weight. I just want to make sure that the numbers work out right and that everyone understands that a 48% increased risk does not mean that 49% of people who are obese who contract COVID will die.

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