Natural world being destroyed at rate ‘never seen before’, WWF warns as report reveals catastrophic decline of global wildlife

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Natural world being destroyed at rate ‘never seen before’, WWF warns as report reveals catastrophic decline of global wildlife

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  2. People just don’t value flora or fauna outside of a handful of circumstances.

    Even cities destroy wetlands or forests for housing if those places don’t contain exotic or rare species.

    Even the mundane animals are important and have value for humans. For inspiration and teaching us there is more to life than just our own societies.

  3. > Tanya Steele, chief executive at WWF, said: “We are wiping wildlife from the face of the planet, burning our forests, polluting and overfishing our seas and destroying wild areas.

    Despite every report warning us that we are destroying the planet, big businesses that rely on exploiting it continue to do so.

    I can’t imagine what kind of hell hole the world will be in 50-100 years.

  4. I hate these articles. It just makes me feel completely hopeless and think well that’s it we’re all going to die. I genuinely don’t know what I’m supposed to do with articles like these.

  5. I’m only 29 and maybe I’m just remembering things fondly but I swear there’s a significant difference in the amount of birds, deer, bears, snakes, basically everything between now and when I was younger. I really hope people start to understand how big this is.

  6. If you’re scrolling through here feeling hopeless at the inevitability of climate change, remember that the Reddit comment section is NOT a good source to get your information from! There are things you can do to help mitigate climate change!

    One thing you can do is join the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which is aiming to pass a bill to put a tax on carbon emissions and redistribute the funds to American households. The bill has already been made law in Canada! The goal is to lower carbon emission rates by 40% in the next 12 years in the US.

    Another thing to consider? Going vegan!

    One thing to remember – we’re all in this together. We can make a change. I also don’t appreciate the doom and gloom of Reddit, but remember that most of the people here aren’t planning to do anything anyway. Those who make positive changes aren’t spending their time here and making unhelpful jokes.

  7. Wildlife conservationists, ecologists, scientists and naturalists have been warning us about this for decades. Few people in power care. Most everyday people don’t care. Humans are selfish shortsighted creatures and we will be our own doom.

    You could run ad campaigns on every news outlet in the world for 12 hours a day, and I honestly don’t think it would change a thing. As long as people are able to satisfy their basic wants they will turn a blind eye to everything else. People won’t make an outcry until it’s far too late. Corporations only care about the next fiscal quarter.

    We’re riding a rollercoaster to our death while chugging White Claw, denying pandemics, bickering over politics, and killing each other over race. If this is the pinnacle of humanity, if this is really the best we can do we’re all fucked.

  8. We are a childless couple (for reasons I won’t get into) and sometimes it saddens me but when I see the state of the world and look back on how absolutely nothing has been done against catastrophic environmental damage I’m glad.

    We are in our 40s and I would say my peers children will be the last viable generation of adults, their children will have it immeasurable hard. And as far as their offspring go it probably won’t even be possible.

    We could have been the care takers of this planet, the only species here that’s aware of it’s existence as a being that can influence change and of our demise if we are careless. Unfortunately the darker more destructive parts of our species make up, our greed and lust for power and dominance over others is far to great.

    To sum up I don’t think it was ever possible for us to advert destruction of this planet by our own hands. It’s just not in us as a species.

  9. With news like this you would think there would be some kind of awakening that perhaps the dominant features of human society (growth based economics, faith, international trade, nation state competition) are failing us.

  10. No one will listen until everything is consumed. Humanity has no restraint. Cancerous. Breeding without end. Listen… at this point, if you’re having more than 2 kids…. you’re part of the problem. I don’t give a fuck if it’s part of your culture or religion and I don’t care if people don’t know any better, they’re still a fucking problem. And corporate entities seem to have no real rules at all. They fuck up, they get a slap on the wrist and a tiny fine.

    The worst part is, I have no idea what I can do about any of this. I feel so powerless. I try to eat a decent amount of locally sourced food, I try not to eat too much meat, I watch my power consumption… except for my computer, though I do have a platinum efficiency power supply… I recycle… I wish someone would just tell me exactly what I need to do to fix this shit. And I would hope that everyone else would do it too, but I’ve known too many narcissists and sociopaths to hope they would do it voluntarily. We’re fucked.

  11. It must’ve been nice growing up earlier than us.
    The boomers who now complain, nag and expect sympathy lived through the best times in human history.
    The leftovers they gave us was a rapidly changing climate, mass extinction of species, poisoned water, shoveled forests and a shit ton of debt to invisible men..
    Now they sit in their homes with 2 cars, a boat and 3 extra rooms, bashing the younger generation for not wanting to work 3 jobs to pay the rent of a 1 room apartment in a run down neighborhood while getting in debt trying to “get a career” the boomers could get by just showing up at work in time at their only job, which supported them, their living and their family.
    They’re foaming at the mouths in pure anger and hatred at people trying to change the world and make it a better place.

    And then came the virus..

    I’m bitter.

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