My wife be damned

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My wife be damned

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  1. As someone living in a conservative state, the number of teachers I know that vote for local, state, and national officials that do everything they can to defund education and cut tax revenue for their own schools… well, it’s honestly astounding


    To people saying “WeLl ThEy StAnD bY tHeIr PrInCiPleS!” as an argument for why this makes sense. They felt education was important enough to devote their lives to teaching but don’t feel it’s important to have enough funding so their schools aren’t crumbling. They allow their principle of “I don’t like taxes” to take priority over their principles to educate.

    And to those that said “ThEy DoN’t JuSt VoTe FoR tHeIr InTeReSts!” Well I’d argue the most selfish thing they can do is to vote for less taxes on themselves. Fucking asking the community to properly fund their schools is not selfish as they ain’t gonna get a pay raise (that’s for fucking sure) and countless children and families benefit from better education.

  2. Do people not realize the school system still has to provide for distance learning???? The level of stupidity in some people makes it more clear that the educational system (and the politicians who refuse to properly support it) failed us (and our children) long before Covid.

  3. >#taxationistheft

    How about telling that to the wife when the yearly review comes up and she’s bucking for a raise? Oh wait, I forgot, you’re only *for* taxation when it’s something *you* want and use.

  4. In answer to the question,


    Teachers and other staff still gotta be paid, schools maintained, and of course there will be remote teaching. Anything surplus can be used to buy IT equipment for kids whose parents can’t afford tablets and laptops.

  5. That’s what other countries (with tax rates higher then the USA) have done with monthly payments from their democratic governments. Our government just gave tons of money to the richest of the rich because it’s not remotely democratic. Both parties were complicit in this swindle.

  6. Myth: Schools not reopening means teachers don’t work.

    Busted: As a teacher, I’m having to work 4x as hard with no extra pay, and already our budget has been cut—so less resources than usual. My school system hasn’t made a decision but we have been told we have to be fully functioning with in-classroom instruction AND full blown digital classroom so we are ready at the drop off a hat for any circumstance.

    This means every file that I run on the copier now has to become digital and editable for students. I just worked an 11hr work day from home—researching how to create and set up an interactive dashboard for my classroom, how to organize my classroom files online (completely different than the norm) so as to make for a user friendly platform. Just spent $80 of my own dollars buying ebook versions of resource books I only have hard copies of. Tomorrow I have to somehow convert them into editable versions without spending another dime of my own money. If you’ve ever taken an online class you know that this is the tip of the iceberg. I’m talking about daily video taped instructions, online grading, figuring out how to do STEM with no hands on (seemingly impossible).

    I essentially have to plan and create lesson plans for everyday of the next 9 weeks because the usual formula isn’t going to work this year. I will be working nonstop along with my team until next year and when this nightmare is over.

    By the way if and when we go back to school we were told kids will not switch classrooms, teachers will. So even in school I have to be mobile. Not only did this just make my job even harder but now instead of being trapped in a room with 25 elementary school kids 7hrs a day, now I’ll be exposed to a minimum of 50 little germ carriers.

    Cleaning and sanitation supplies have always been an out of pocket expense for us: Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. No plans to fund these items this year as of yet. Things like thermometers, masks, and cost of accommodating CDC guidelines has eaten into our already pathetic budget hence the shortage of money already.

    When I see posts like this one, it’s tough not to get angry, dejected, or even depressed. Most of the world has no idea how much teachers bust their ass. We do it because we love it but that doesn’t condone the disrespect and surmounting abuse that we endure. Just because someone loves their job is not a reason to take advantage of them. Each year the demands grow and grow and the pay does not.

    Year before last we had 6 teachers on my team, 2 quit. This year a 3rd quit and the rest took a job at another school. This year I’m the only one left in my grade level with a whole new team of teachers starting this year during the worst year of challenges in my career. I’m the lead, lucky me.

    An opening for the extra duty/role of webmaster is open—-I already do 2 other roles on top of my job so I didn’t volunteer. Now they want volunteers to lead the digital learning effort. I was told I’d do an amazing job as the lead. I said no thanks—-the job would just be even more stressful and there would be no pay raise or even hope of a bonus—so the answer is, hell no. I’ll go above and beyond for my classroom but right now this overachiever can’t handle the thought of taking on the burden of leading others through this cluster.

    Whats certain is there is no way we are going to make the public happy. So more idiots like this one are just going to add to the frustration and stress. Teachers are quitting in record numbers. Don’t think that will be slowing down.

  7. Here’s an idea: maybe they *could* deduct education expenses from his tax, then he might see how little he’s fucking paying.

    “Where’s it all going?!” he then might ask as yet another missile whose singular cost could pay for 10 schools for 10 years, is silently transported through his town in the middle of the night.

  8. I work as a 911 operator. One of the guys hired along with me was fresh out of the air force. He put in his 20 years and retired… Anyhoo, he was a total ‘taxes are theft’ kind of guy which was just bonkers to me… Like you spend 20 years in the military and then go work for a public supported dispatch center… Taxes literally paid for your entire life!

  9. Hey everyone, I’m gonna hop on the internet, that was initially created with taxpayer money, and use Google, which was created via a grant that provided taxpayer money, so I can tell everyone taxation is theft. Did I mention that the electronics inside the computing device I’m using were created, improved upon, or miniaturized during the space race, which was funded with taxpayer money?

  10. My brother is a teacher from a rural conservative area. My brother would like to get laptops for his class. Just small $200 chromebooks. About 5k for his class

    The administration just spent $40,000 to spray paint their track purple (school colors). They also shelled out another $15k to buy a bunch of virtual reality goggles that literally no teacher uses frequently for their class.

    This isn’t to touch on the ridiculous salaries and unnecessary positions in the administration of the district.

    Education in the US isn’t a problem of funding it’s a problem of poor use of the funds and a top heavy administration. He isn’t alone in his beliefs amongst his fellow teachers and he’s right.

  11. Also… he says that as if the teachers won’t still be teaching. As if the schools don’t need to pay for online services and resources for their students. As if the districts aren’t _literally working right now_ to decide the best course of action.

    Does this guy think schools are just big daycares that children disappear off to for the day, so that parents don’t have to look at them all the time? Fucking idiots can’t see five feet past their own noses.

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