It’s July 29, 2020, the day George R.R. Martin said we could imprison him if Winds Of Winter wasn’t done

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It’s July 29, 2020, the day George R.R. Martin said we could imprison him if Winds Of Winter wasn’t done

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  1. I remember first getting into the books after the television series started. I read through them pretty quickly, and enjoyed them a lot. Never really watched the TV show at all. But a bit of time had passed since I read the last one, and Winds of Winter was due up soon, so I said, “Man, this story is so big, I think I need to reread everything so I can prepare for Winds of Winter. I better bust my hump to get them all read before the book comes out next year.”

    I think that was maybe 2014?

  2. My opinion on Martin and Rothfuss is that they are great writers, they just don’t enjoy writing. And now they are wealthy enough that they don’t have to do it.

    Kurt Vonnegut once said that he never knew anybody that he considered to be a good writer that said they actually enjoy the writing process. He said the happiest times in his writing career are when he finally turns in the final draft to the publisher.

  3. There’s maybe a 50 percent chance he’ll finish Winds of Winter, but there’s about a 5 percent chance he’ll ever finish A Dream of Spring, so really who cares. I love the books he has released but don’t care one iota about Winds being released because I feel like it will only be more frustrating if he dies after giving us the penultimate book but no conclusion to the Saga.

  4. It’s time to move on, folks. Either you get the book or you don’t. My money is on it never appearing, but there’s no sense dwelling on it.

  5. Did anyone else notice that in the same article where the subject is GRRM failing a promise to have the book done by the following year, that for some reason the author is somehow optimistic the book will be done in a year because GRRM said it will be?

    That’s some severe short term memory loss. You’re literally currently writing about him failing to uphold that exact promise, why do you think this new promise is different? Do you have toddler brain?

  6. It is apparent that he is no longer interested enough in the series to finish it. Perhaps he should consider taking on a co-author because, let’s face it, *someone* will finish this series some day. Better that he’s as involved as he can be.

  7. I said it before and I’ll say it again; after the reaction to the ending of the TV series, if I were him I’d be vastly more afraid of releasing it than leaving it unfinished.

  8. Look, he’s probably not going to finish the book, and almost certainly not going to finish the next one.

    And he doesn’t have to. He made his money, he can do what he wants.

    But fuck anyone saying that we have to respect that decision. He *can* do that, but it’s still a HUGE dick move, and anyone has a right to dislike him for it.

    If you take Storyteller as your profession, then people have every right to hate you if you don’t finish a story that you start. You don’t *have* to, but not doing it makes you an asshole, and makes people calling you and treating you like an asshole justified.

  9. I feel like he has betrayed his fanbase so much. A part of me used to think “well these books are complex and god knows how much planning goes into writing all this shit” But another part of me goes “it’s almost been 10 fucking years” And even that wouldn’t be so bad if every year he didn’t keep going” I will definitely finish it by this time next year” and then a year goes by and he says “I’m nowhere close”. I feel less people would be upset if he just never said anything.

  10. I, for one, stopped caring.

    I was a huge fan. I had the show on in the background 24/7. I had youtube vids playing on book theories. I had a mental log of all the mysteries in the books. I re-read the books several times. I had discussions about the show. I talked to strangers about it. I’d talk to friends about it. I’d find someone as into it as I am and talk for hours about it.

    But now? The cracks were visible in season 5. By the end of season 8 the show turned into a pile of shit. A soulless nothing – a pop culture milestone perverted and betrayed. Everything was shit. And the worst part is they may have given away the ending to the books.

    Dude took so long I legit do not care anymore. At all.

    I dont care about any new shows because even if they are amazing they can turn to shit on a dime. I dont trust HBO with that universe anymore just as I dont trust anything D and D do to be worth spending money to watch. I dont care about the books anymore because its been so long and its already had parts of it given away.

    I still feel a personal dislike bordering on hatred for the show runners D and D, and I’m not sure I would even buy GRRM a pint at this point. The legacy of GoT is like a character from ASOIAF, great potential murdered by forces outside of its control before a goal realized.

    In my mind, everything ASOIAF related is filed under “Oh, what could have been”

  11. Funnily enough, I was just reading a bit of drama on the KKC sub where the mods deleted a post complaining about Pat’s next book not coming soon, and the users are up in arms.

    And while I was reading that I was thinking “well to be fair to Pat, he doesn’t make any promises. He doesn’t talk about it at all. I think if GRRM took that approach it might actually be easier”. And now here is a great example of why GRRM makes it difficult to be a fan.

    Like, I get that this sort of thing takes time. And I’m usually on the side of “author doesnt owe you shit. Be glad for what he has given you”. But every time this guy opens his mouth and makes a new promise, dumbass over here starts reading “a dance with dragons” again, in preparation.

    He did it again recently. He had a post on his blog saying that lockdown has given him great energy and he is tearing into the book. Fuck me. I’ve read ADWD like 4 times at this stage. I can’t do it again. Dont give me hope George. Just say nothing.

    Meanwhile, Sanderson is over there giving me gantt charts for his next book. He’s on timelines set in granite. He’s telling me what his next 3 books are going to be and when they’ll be released, and I believe him, because he’s super reliable. We don’t deserve him…

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