How to become president with 22% of the vote(Description in comments)

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How to become president with 22% of the vote(Description in comments)

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  1. *From a CGPGrey video: [](*

    If you would get 50.1% of the vote of each red-coloured state, 22% of the population of the country, you would become president, even if 78% of the country voted for another person, this is assuming that 49.9% of people in the the red-coloured states voted for the blue party, and 100% of the people in the blue-coloured states voted for the blue party.

    The colours dont mean anything

  2. Actually, you can win with 0% percent of the vote. If all the electors in the electoral college said to hell with the popular vote, they could choose someone who wasn’t even running.

  3. I decided to look at the historical data and of course there’s a [Wikipedia page for it]( For the lazy, here’s some of the cool takeaways:

    * Lowest popular vote for an Electoral College winner in an election where only 2 candidates won states: 1992 – Bill Clinton won with 43.01% of the popular vote
    * Lowest popular vote for an Electoral College winner in an election where more than 2 candidates won states: 1860 – Abraham Lincoln won with 39.65% of the popular vote
    * Lowest popular vote where nobody won the Electoral College so the House had to pick: 1824 – John Quincy Adams was chosen by the House but only got 30.92% of the vote. Andrew Jackson received more Electoral College votes and also got 41.36% of the popular vote.

  4. This map is wrong, both Nebraska and Maine have proportional voting distribution so if both states when 50.1% red then Nebraska would only give 3 votes and Maine would give 2.

  5. Whats scary is 5 of these states are pretty much already decided by election night, 5 of them are swing states, and texas is moving in the direction of becoming a swing state itself.

  6. Also shows you only need 12 out if 50 states to win. So you could win with not a single vote from 38 states.

    Also, the title seems a bit misleading, as it doesnt actually count votes, but states you win. You could win all those states by a massive margin and have a lot more of the vote.

  7. Also try the book Facebook by Steven Levy.

    Particularly the part which explores Facebook’s role in the 2016 US election. It gives a vivid insight into the ease at which Trump’s media team (accidentally!) ran one of the most successful digital campaigns I have ever seen. Over 58,000 different ad variations, targeted to different demographics, all automated by Facebook technology.

  8. This is why the country is called The United *States* of America, not the United *Peoples* of America.

    The States elect the President, not the people directly.

  9. I gotta downvote just on principle. These kinds of posts ALWAYS trigger an argument on the electoral college, and a lot of times they’re posted deliberately for one

  10. You ever feel like this country is just a van full of kids who all want to go to Chuck E. Cheese…. but one kid in the van doesn’t wanna go and he cries and shits himself so now no one gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese?

  11. I am always appalled by how many people don’t understand the purpose of a Presidential election.

    Here’s the thing: people don’t vote for President: states to. People vote for the House of Representatives. States vote for President. The House is supposed to act as a check on the President, with the Supreme Court as referee.

    Majority-urban states usually have very different outlooks, cultures, and policy priorities than majority-rural states, and this tension is the same today as it was at the founding of the republic.

    Because there are more majority-rural states than there are majority-urban states, each majority-urban state is given more power, in the form of electoral votes, than each majority-rural state.

    Practically speaking, there’s no way for all the majority-urban states to elect a President all by themselves any more than it’s possible for all the majority-rural states to elect a President all by themselves.

    This is to ensure that a President could never be elected by only appealing to majority-urban Americans and their policy priorities or by appealing to majority-rural Americans and their policy priorities. A President needs a coalition of states to win.

    In other words, if you could convince blue New Jersey, purple Virginia, and red Mississippi all to vote for you, as shown on this Electoral map, then maybe you’re the President America deserves.

    Of course, if this map also reflects voting preferences for Representatives, then Congress is going to be against you, so good luck getting anything done.

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