Hawaii Group Sets Record For Largest Haul of Plastic Removed From The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Hawaii Group Sets Record For Largest Haul of Plastic Removed From The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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  1. 48 days and 100 tons. I’m so glad someone is out there doing this as the planet desperately needs people exactly like this.

    But the operating costs for that ship and crew along with the sheer physical labor used to gather that plastic must be huge. I hope how ever these guys are paying for this trip doesn’t dry up . These are the people who are actually living to help the earth . Props to them , let’s hope it continues and they actually do expand like he says.

  2. I did commercial fishing for two years. It’s really sad to see how much garbage gets thrown into the ocean. All trashed line. All garbage. All damaged or unusual gear that was taking up space, oil, broken engine parts. Pretty much anything you didn’t want on board. It’s lawless out there. Who’s gonna stop you?

  3. I’d love to see a study done where they trace the origins of the garbage collected. I think it would be super interesting to see where the majority of this trash stems from.

  4. I was the Photographer aboard the ship documenting this. Ocean voyages Institute is an incredible organization and any donations go directly to pulling garbage out of the ocean.

    You can find my Instagram by searching my name or @Nahoia_Kai_Productions. I am posting new pictures from this journey every day. Donation link to OVI is in my Bio.

    Please help out and chip in! The Ocean Cleanup is pulling out nowhere near as much garbage as Ocean Voyages Institute, and they have millions in funding . OVI is doing as much as we can with very limited funds. Please consider donating.

    Please Upvote so people can see accurate information

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/hawaii-group-sets-record-for-largest-haul-of-plastic-removed-from-the-great-pacific-garbage-patch/) reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > Ocean Voyages Institute says it made history this week, returning to the port of Honolulu Tuesday, after successfully removing 103 tons of fishing nets and consumer plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    > Known as the 'Ghost Net Buster,' Mary Crowley is renowned for developing effective methods to remove significant amounts of plastics out of the ocean, including 48 tons of plastics during two ocean clean-up voyages in 2019, including one that scooped up nets that had trapped garbage around the Hawaiian islands.

    > Ocean Voyages Institute unloaded the record-breaking haul of ocean plastic debris this week while docked alongside Pier 29, thanks to the support of Honolulu-based Matson, in preparation for upcycling and proper disposal.

    [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/hhgv9i/hawaii_group_sets_record_for_largest_haul_of/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ “Version 2.02, ~501985 tl;drs so far.”) | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr “PM’s and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.”) | *Top* *keywords*: **Ocean**^#1 **Net**^#2 **voyage**^#3 **debris**^#4 **Crowley**^#5

  6. Whatever happened to that kid that invented a collection device to clean it up. I remember seeing a follow up that his intial design didn’t work as intended, had to rethink the problem and chose to pivot to cleaning plastic at river heads. Wonder of he went back to trying to solve the garbage patch problem

  7. This is fantastic. Do we know if there is a way to do something similar for the Great Lakes or smaller bodies of water? Is there a similar need that can be addressed at scale? I would be interested in donating this ocean work regardless, but think that many/most would be more interested in something closer to home.

  8. Big patches of plastic garbage is an eye sore for sure. But part of me wonders if it doesn’t matter as much compared to micro plastics in the ocean. Which I presume we can’t clean up.

  9. That’s 200,000 lbs of plastic, let’s try to donate $1 per lb and challenge the corporate world to match. This is important and is an issue that is being taken on in real time.

  10. Real question: where does the garbage go after they collect it?

    Edit: to everyone replying to the meanie, you’re all superstars. I just blocked them. 🤷‍♀️

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