Good people are everywhere

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Good people are everywhere

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  1. I found a $5 on the floor in the mall food court. A little old lady was watching me walk over and pick it up I guess, because I held it up in the air and started looking around to see if anyone would claim it, and this lady walks over and just says “do you know who it belongs to? Did you see who dropped it?” I told her no. So she just laughed and said “then just put it in your pocket dear because if you don’t know, anyone will take it.” And started to shuffle off lol. Was super sweet of her to be that nice.

  2. Decent guy! One thing to remember, if someone goes out of their way to return something or give you something for free, quite often it’s more rewarding for them for you to be thankful and accept it. Especially if you offer that they keep it/to pay, but they insist that you have it. Accept and be thankful, it will probably mean more to them than you.

  3. when i was at Harris Teeter before school in the self checkout, I found a brown leather wallet on the ground. I think it had been dropped a couple of mins earlier. I asked the woman checking out next to me if it was hers, and she said no. I saw I was going to be cutting it close with time so I gave it to an employee who sees me whenever i go there and she took it to the customer service counter. When I got back there about 2 weeks later and am checking out my donut (cheaper, bigger, and fresher than dunkin donuts), the employee walks over to me and gives me an envelope marked “To the young lady who found my wallet” with $20 in it. The employee not only found the owner, she told the owner I found the wallet and held onto the money the owner wanted to give to me.

  4. One time, a guy in front of me in line dropped a $100 bill. I picked it up and said, “Excuse me, I think you dropped this.” He snatched it out of my hand, said nothing, and turned around. Smh

  5. When I was a little kid at the snack bar at the public pool I once accidentally left my $10 (maybe $20) on the counter after I ordered and when I went to look for it it was gone. So being like 7 I just really loudly asked the crowd if anyone had seen the money I lost. These two teenaged boys turn around to look at me, one looks back then turns away, his friend smacks his arm and whispers something to him. The guy looks back around and grumpily hands me my money he had folded up inside his hand.

    I think back on that a lot. I hope those guys are doing ok. I wonder if either of them think back on it.

  6. Serious question.

    When someone else give you back small amount of money you’ve lost. 10$ or lower.

    It is a reflex to just say ”nah keep it”. I think its pretty normal, since he was kind enough and you want to return the kindness.

    But isnt it weird to tell a grown man to keep the 1$ he just found on the floor? As if he would need it more then yourself?

    In that situation, i feel bad just taking the change, and i feel like and asshole telling him to keep some change.

  7. I watched an elderly gentleman drop his wallet in front of me at a shop one, I picked it up straight away as he was walking off and said, “excuse me, I think you’ve dropped this” so that I could hand it back. He gave me a death glare from hell, took it, turned around and checked it to see if I’d taken anything.

    Sometimes people make it difficult to be kind. Well to be honest, it wasn’t even me being kind, I was just trying to do the decent thing.

  8. When I was in high school I found a wallet on top of a subway ticket kiosk,(I used to take the train to work), with a check for something like $500 in it and some ID and stuff…I figured out who it belonged to and called the guy on my lunch break…he was freaking out because the check had been from his parents , was the last of his money and he needed to pay his rent. We met up and he was beyond surprised that it was some 16 year old kid who had done that…and weirdly enough, the same dude ended up teaching at my high school during my last year.

    I’m amazed more people don’t do that kind of stuff when they find things with ID in them

  9. I witnessed the same thing with my neighbore. He must be a muslim. I have this moroccan neighbore just next door, i saw him once stand on the walk side of our neighborhood for too long, when I asked if everything was okey he told me that someone had dropped 5 bucks, and it is his responsibility to stand there and see if he’ll come back because it was dropped in front of HIS house.

  10. When I was 5, a dude dropped $10, and I ran up and said “hey I think you dropped this..”
    He goes” thank you for being honest!” And reaches in his wallet and gives me another $10 and walks away.

    I’ve never been more confused in my life then in that moment.

    Really cool dude tho.

    Hey random guy out there thanks for the $20!

    I bought a star wars figure for myself, and a teddy for my sister…

    Great day 10/10

  11. My husband (boyfriend at the time) lost his wallet when he was visiting me one time. He was bummed because he had a lot of cash in there (like, $200 in 2007 and we were pretty poor). We were walking into my apartment building and there was a note taped to the door that said, “HUSBAND NAME, we have something of yours. Come to 2B.” So we went and knocked (my direct neighbors, actually) and the guy gave us my husband’s wallet, with absolutely nothing missing. My husband was so so thankful and tried to give the guy some cash as a thank you and the guy refused to accept it. I hadn’t been a fan of these neighbors because they smoked all the time, the hallway always reeked of weed, they had big parties, and people coming and going at all hours. But I will never forget that kind stoner smiling sleepily at us and saying, “Nah man, that’s the way it SHOULD be” as he refused to take a reward.

  12. I only found money once in my life, and it was ironically in a Dollar General. I was the only person in the store. I looked down and saw a $50 bill. I picked it up and walked out. Folded inside were two more $50 bills.

    Admittedly, I did not give it to the cashier. I was a college student and was in there because I was broke. Couldn’t afford groceries at a regular supermarket.

    I still feel bad about it, but I was thankful to be able to eat for a few weeks. I stocked up on pasta and ground beef with sauce and ate stirfry for a while.

  13. One time, a woman was sitting a seat away from me on a bus and as I was getting my phone out of my pocket I dropped 50$ and didn’t even notice. She told me “sir you dropped your money” and there was NO ONE else in the bus but us, she could’ve easily taken it but didnt. There is definitely more good people in the world than we realize 💙

  14. I found a fiver in the parking lot at my work, no one around but parked cars. I take it to HR and let them know I found this in the parking lot, she looks at me completely baffled and says “You’re such a good person”. As I walked out of her office I told her “Let me know if no one claims it bc finders keepers!” We laughed and I forgot about it for weeks, I received a call in my office about 3 weeks later from HR telling to come pick up my $5.

  15. In some Indian cultures it is extremely bad for you (your soul, your karma) if you take possession of something that does not belongs to you. Like if you find a golden coin on the street and no one is around you should bury it instead of taking it with you and using it in your own benefit.

    It’s a hell of a strong moral needle here.

  16. A guy left his money in the cash machine ATM and went straight into the post office. I took the bundle of cash to him and he was so surprised and thrilled that he must have gave me at least half of it. I was so poor at the time and I could not believe he wanted to give it to me. It was around £150.

  17. When I worked as a barista a few years ago, a customer walked in & picked a $20 bill up off the floor in front of the counter. She asked everyone in the café if it was theirs, and they all said no, so she put it in our tip jar, along with her own tip for her order. That made my entire week. 🥺

  18. I was walking from the station to work and about 100m in front of me, I saw somebody dropping something from their pocket. I thought he was littering. I had to walk the same way, so I picked it up and it was a €20. The guy seemed to walk a bit faster then me, so I had to walk faster as well to keep up with him, before he took another street. I reached him and asked him if he might have dropped something from his pocket (I was a bit weird with my wording though, so might have confused him with the question). He checked his pocket and found he was missing the €20. So I said “correct” and walked further… still in a bit of a weird way I guess… the situation felt a bit weird, but atleast I was being a good person and gave him back the money 🙂

  19. maybe you can now stop referring to him as a “little Indian”. Even when you are acknowledging good people, try to resist all those demeaning epithets we use every day when referring to “people not like us”

  20. I read so many posts on other subs with just shit people in them, that the first two sentences had me thinking it would go in the completely opposite direction.
    This is great.

  21. I once found 5 dollars on the ground and stuck it in my back pocket. A few minutes later it fell out and a woman went to return it to me and I said nah you can have it, but she kept insisting. I pocketed it proper this time but I felt like I got in the way of the 5’s destiny.

  22. I worked somewhere for a while that had tens of thousands of travelling people pass through, each day.

    Money, phones, wallets and more got dropped or left by the checkout.

    I’d always go the extra mile to return things to people. Even run outside to the coaches to ask the drivers if a Mr X was on this coach.

    There was a subset of people who were always ungrateful and always inconvenienced by you asking them to tell you the picture on the card. Or the bank that the account is with just as a line of security.

    I’d be happy if someone said can you tell me your middle name and which bank the account is with because that means someone can’t just overhear them find a card. Then walk up and say “excuse me, did I leave my bank card” for them just to hand it over.

  23. I was by an ATM in a bar area. This very drunk man asked me if I had just dropped money I had pulled out of the ATM. I said no. Then I noticed he was holding up around $300. He realized then that the money was his to keep and he was excited and, I think, a little worried that someone would claim it and he took off. I am not the type of person to claim money that isn’t mine but for a split second I thought “man, I could have had a free $300.”

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