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    edit: see below for a bunch of triggered “non-racists” who have displayed amazing levels of missing the point

  2. Go check out Andy Mineo’s music that man is amazing. Glad to see his tweets here. Some of his lyrics about police brutality:

    “People killed like animals on video they stay quiet. Animals killed on video they start a riot.
    Must I remind you? Jesus was a dark-skinned man publicly murdered, He ain’t never deserve it.”

  3. Yes from what I’ve read George Floyd did some awful things in his past but they were exactly that, in his past. He served his time. Maybe he was on meth at the time of his arrest and maybe he did willingly use a counterfeit bill but he also deserved his day in court to defend his innocence. What that man did not deserve was to be murdered in broad daylight. He did not deserve the indignant way he was treated which resulted in his death. George Floyd was murdered plain and simple and if people believe so strongly in the judicial system but believe he deserved it because of past crimes then it’s the judicial system that is at fault surely for seeing him released. Oh and the numerously repremanded cop who murdered him.

  4. George Floyd was no saint, but he did not deserve to be murdered.

    I’m not gonna buy the t-shirt of the guy who once held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during an armed robbery. Imagine how she must feel seeing the mob turning him into a martyr.

    You can acknowledge both, it’s safe.

  5. I don’t think anyone thinks he deserved it based on his past…obviously that’s ridiculous. Even if he had just murdered someone, when he was in cuffs face down there was no need to continue to apply pressure. I think the people pointing out his past are sick of the response that has likened him to Jesus. There are literally murals of George with a Nimbus around his head. He had a nationally televised funeral/memorial. Because you die tragically does not make you a hero.

  6. Its so strange that this is an argument at all. I live in a HEAVILY republican area and a lot of them are in the “well he did blah blah in his past” camp. But if I ask them point blank “should the police be allowed to kill unarmed or nonviolent people of any color?” They ALWAYS unanimously say no. “Do these people the police killed have a right to due process the same as everyone else?” They ALWAYS say “yes! Of course they do!” And if you ask “should police go to prison for brutally attacking or killing a person that wasnt doing anything wrong, and should the other police who watch and let it happen also go to jail?” They always say “yes. Theyre committing crimes against civilians.

    Almost every single person, regardless of political leaning, agrees that cops who are violent are sick and should go away forever. But for some fucking reason, we wont stop arguing about it.

  7. Not entirely sure someone with psychopathy actually cares they’re psychopathic. The ones I’ve met like to brag about it as though we don’t all think they’re creeps that lack self awareness

  8. you can think someone is a piece of shit because of their past but at the same time know that no one deserves to die in the street like an animal because some cunt cop thinks he can do whatever he wants.

  9. Downvote me all you want but I’m going to say it. Goerge Floyd was not an upstanding member of society, he was a meth addict. Did he deserve death? No definitely not, what he needed was some help. Now before George Floyd there was a a black man, who was a teacher, who was hunted down and killed by some white trash asshats. Nothing. He was a nice upstanding, good man killed because of his color. I’m 100% sure that this has happened to countless good people. So why are we only rioting *now*. Why didn’t we riot, or protest then. I support BLM all the way, but I’m never going to go to a riot or peaceful protest because the cause isn’t right.

  10. I personally hate police and am very glad to assume what they did was wrong, but this post is wrong. Watching people get murdered is very disturbing (if you aren’t a psychopath) and finding that the person may have deserved it is actually pretty comforting, we (non psychopaths) much prefer never to see innocent people get murdered. Not to mention the attempt here to justify people being uninformed.

  11. If they’re one of those fuckers that looted the small businesses around my house, the ones just barely scraping by after COVID, and terrorized me and my neighbors… meh.

  12. The argument about his past wasn’t about whether he deserves it or not. Everyone agreed that no one deserves to go out like that and the cop who did it is POS who deserves to rot in jail (which he will).

    The main issue is that people have turned George Floyd into a martyr which he clearly isn’t. This man lived a life as a crook. The type you wouldn’t want to associate with. Why make a mural of a criminal who should actually have been in the jail.

    Unfortunately this problem of proping up criminals within the black community has been prevelant for a long time. You won’t ever hear about the successful black people, but you will constantly hear about the thugs.

    Mainstream Media has always and will continue to selectively choose who to prop up and spin words to make a trashy human being look like a saint.

    No other community elevates the status of thugs in their community.

  13. No one says floyed deserved it, but a man that put a loaded gun to the belly of a pregnant woman while letting his goons take all her possessions is not who you riot over and give a golden casket… He doesn’t represent black Americans. Just like the cop doesn’t represent all cops.

  14. Too many assholes thing the justice system is being brought before a judge and a jury of peers for some. And vigilante justice for others.

    Since when are all cops judge dredd?

  15. That’s actually a really common way to help process feeling bad about something. You try and find some way to spin it as justice.

    Like when these riots were occurring just last week and you guys were struggling to defend gangs of grown men beating old women in the street with sticks. Just think of your mindset in that moment. Remember how stupid you were? Well other people are stupid too sometimes. You guys aren’t the only ones allowed to be complete and utter morons when you get upset about something.

  16. He stuck a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach, he had a lethal dose of fent in his system, and numerous other crimes. This tweet is bullshit. He shouldn’t have been killed, but karmas a bitch.

  17. Not even sure why I decided to post this comment but fuck it

    To be completely fair, I just watched a video of a man wrestling with a female officer, grabbing her gun from her, and proceeded to try and kill her with it. When her backup arrived, he started shooting at them as well, so they opened fire. 1: This was in 2019 and not related to the current protests. 2: If I was there and saw the piece of shit was lying on the ground crying for his mama, I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t be hard to feel bad for him. It’s an unfortunate situation overall but he asked for it when he started opening fire for no reason. Again, and it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to reiterate this just because my comment could be seen as “controversial,” but I do not think cops overall are in a good spot, our police needs a serious reform on all levels.

    [for those that are curious](

  18. i just it find it a crazy coincidence the cop and guy who was killed were both members of the same freemason lodge and both worked with each other at a previous job. huh

  19. Doesn’t matter if the murderer is a police officer or an army general.

    Doesn’t matter if the victim is a police officer or army general.

    People shouldn’t be murdered like this.

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