‘Flood’ of GOP Congressional Staffers Say They’re Being Forced to Work on Capitol Hill Without Masks: Report

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‘Flood’ of GOP Congressional Staffers Say They’re Being Forced to Work on Capitol Hill Without Masks: Report

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  2. >Even the president’s chief of staff, Kevin McCarthy, on Wednesday referred to Gohmert as “Congressman COVID.”

    That’s GOP house minority leader McCarthy, actually. Not Trump’s Chief of Staff.

  3. > Gohmert, who has been virulently anti-mask since the start of the pandemic, on Wednesday also released a video in which he claimed that wearing a mask may have actually been the cause of him contracting the virus.

    Of fucking course.

  4. Oh, so THAT’S (another) reason why they’re so gung-ho about prohibiting employees from suing their employers… they’re not allowing their employees to protect themselves.

    If anyone needed any more evidence that the GOP is a death cult whose sole objectives are corruption and malice, here you go.

  5. > Following reports that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) tested positive for the novel COVID-19 coronavirus, one of the lawmaker’s aides contacted Politico journalist Jake Sherman via email saying that the Texas Congressman repeatedly ‘berated’ staffers for wearing masks in the office. Less than an hour after Sherman posted a tweet with the text of the aide’s email, he said he had received a “flood” of additional emails from other GOP staffers making similar claims.

    > But even for members of Congress, actively endangering employees by forcing them not to wear a mask for political reasons could land lawmakers in hot water politically — and maybe even legally.

    – if you play w fire, you just might get burnt

  6. Imagine you’ve spent your entire life immersed in the conservative ecosystem.

    You grew up in backwoods Bumfuck, attending a church where the preacher would spend every sunday railing against coastal elites, the liberal media, baby killers in the city, and how it was the God given right of every American to own an M249 machine gun and a grenade launcher for self-defense.

    You grow up around people that believe the same things you do and never meet anyone that isn’t darker than caucasian tan, isn’t a different religion, and think Taco Bell, Panda Express, and Olive Garden are “ethnic” food.

    You go off to college at Bob Jones University and major in owning the libs, where you’re President of the College Republicans. Your senior year you start a College Trumpublicans group, because you think the College Republicans aren’t sufficiently supportive of Trump.

    You get tapped to go to Washington and work for Louie Gohmert. You love your job, because Gohmert tells it like it is and owns the libs.

    Then the pandemic strikes, but you’re not worried because Fox News says it’s all a hoax, and the President and your boss aren’t wearing masks so why should you?

    Then your boss walks in, and tells you he’s got COVID.

    You go home to self-quarantine and spend your time shitposting on the conspiracy and conservative subreddits, and you start developing a cough that won’t go away. Then you lose your sense of taste and smell. Then it gets hard to breathe. You go to the ER and spend hours waiting for a bed, if one opens up at all. They test you, and you’ve got COVID. Within a few days you’re on a ventilator, and a few days after that you lapse into a coma.

    As your family gathers behind plastic sheeting and they remove the breathing tube, you wake up just long enough to croak out one last thing before succumbing:

    *But her emails.*

  7. So? They literally chose (usually fighting off dozens of other candidates) to work for some of the most dangerous and disgusting humans in the world. All to help implement an agenda of violence, hatred and misogyny. We’re supposed to be surprised that their bosses don’t give a shit if they live or die? Those staffer’s shouldn’t be surprised, they work for genocidal maniacs after all.

  8. Truly and I mean truly, “fuck’em.”

    You’ve chosen to work for people who blatantly disregard the lives of my friends, and family. Now, you’re worried that they won’t honor or respect **your** safety.

    How tragic.

  9. It just keeps coming. I’m disgusted several times a day by the abhorrent behavior of the GOP. I’m so glad that they are being offered free legal services, accountability is the only way to move forward.

  10. Fun fact: it’s a common misconception with the Jonestown mass suicide that all of Jones’s followers drank the cyanide-laced flavor-ade willingly. Many of them resisted and had to be forced to do so at gunpoint by the more hard-line devotees.

    I bring this up for absolutely no reason whatsoever, of course.

  11. Honestly, that should be punishable by jail time. You cannot force unwilling employees into danger. These people are trying to protect themselves and are unable to do so. Perhaps it’s high time they consider who they are working for?

  12. Then why, for goodness sakes dont they STAND UP and PROTEST???


    I mean…WAKE UP!

    CLEARLY they dont give a shit about you!


    They dont have to turn blue/Democrat, but FUCK….this is your life.


    Im at a loss for words as to how cowardly they are….this is unbelievable…

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