“Fear for public safety” Seriously?

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“Fear for public safety” Seriously?

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  1. My brother and his friends (all Latino and Middle Eastern) wouldn’t even take neon green toy guns with them on Halloween. It’s scary to think that a toy can get them killed just like Tamir Rice

  2. spreading misinformation REALLY hurts the credibility of those who oppose police brutality. It is VERY easy for someone in power to paint everyone with a broad brush and use this bullshit post to generalize every complaint people have with police. I almost think that the person who posted this is actually against police reform just trying to make pro-police reformers look like idiots.

    He was NOT in cosplay, he was in regular clothing. It was NOT a plastic sword, it was a real sword.

    I’m not supporting shooting someone in the back as they are running from you. Arguments can be made that support reform in this instance as well, like “How can we control this erratic, armed individual without killing him?” The police DO have a duty to control this guy, they were called to the scene because some guy with a weapon was scaring people. They can’t just let him run away, what if he killed someone?

  3. He had a real sword.
    He posted on Facebook that he “had a sword and was going to get shot”
    He was taking hallucinogenic drugs and obsessed with some girl from Facebook.
    He swung a real sword at police.

    I’m sorry but what OP is saying isn’t true. He may have been cosplaying but he was clearly mentally ill and wanted to commit suicide by cop. To taunt the cops into shooting you to commit suicide and then blame the cops is insane.

    I’m not saying I’m glad the police shot him four times in the back, but this detracts from the more serious abuses of the police.

    Whenever you lie and exaggerate, you alienate the other side from seeing your point. This would be more of a case for the police handling incidences of the mentally ill poorly. Because he was most definitely a threat to the public.

  4. The morning of his death, a friend said he posted a message on Facebook saying, “I have a sword and I’m going to get shot,” investigators wrote.

  5. https://youtu.be/hfOHTBtbASk

    Quick google search and I found some security footage. From this alone you can’t really see the shooting or what events led to the shooting. But what you can see is Darren with the knife. He isn’t wearing some elaborate costume and from the footage alone it does look like he is carrying a weapon. I cannot comment on the events that directly led to him Dying, but this footage does give more of a clear picture.

  6. This is fucking bullshit. It was a real sword. Also there were independent witnesses that backed up the officers. Also this quote from a story about it: “The morning of his death, a friend said he posted a message on Facebook saying, “I have a sword and I’m going to get shot,” investigators wrote.” Stop sensationalizing good shootings, it does not help those that were actually killed unjustly.

  7. Please stop spreading this, it’s at best misinformation. The sword was metal and he wasn’t taking the situation seriously. But saying the sword was plastic is just not helping your case.

    Edit: I originally said that he should have been tased but having gone more in depth I still don’t think it’s right that he was shot in the back but I see why the situation escalated.

  8. What is it with the knee-jerk reaction posting? Does anyone do research anymore?

    * The sword was REAL, not plastic
    * He swung the sword at the officers
    * He posted on FB that morning that he had a sword and was going to get shot

    From [this article](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/11/04/prosecutor-utah-police-shooting/18451173/)

    > A search warrant released last week showed that Hunt had been fired from his job after he didn’t come to work, and his mother had told him he needed to get a job or leave the house by the end of the week. His brother told investigators Hunt had been making and using a hallucinogenic drug and was “obsessed” with a girl on Facebook who wasn’t interested in him, according to the warrant filed in state court.

    The morning of his death, a friend said he posted a message on Facebook saying, “I have a sword and I’m going to get shot,” investigators wrote.

  9. > The morning of his death, a friend said he posted a message on Facebook saying, “I have a sword and I’m going to get shot,” investigators wrote.

    Sounds like suicide by cop.

  10. Laws must be changed!! Just know that if you have been to ANY concealed carry class, military training, police training you are not trained to WOUND ever!!

    You are Trained to ALWAYS 100% of the time remove the threat. Often 3 rounds center mass meaning SHOOT THE THREAT 3 TIMES IN THE TORSO.

    That is why you always see multiple shots and if there are multiple officers that number only goes up.

    Again the issue is with the LAW once that is changed the training MUST change.

  11. I see there’s a lot of complications around this case.

    But I looked at this mans picture and can only think if he was cosplaying he would make an amazing Mugen from Samurai Champloo!

  12. See, if all cops had body cams (that they left on!) then we wouldn’t be having this debate. It could be that he swing a sword at them … it could be that he removed it from the sheath to show the officers it was decorative and not an actual weapon and they took that as him swinging at them. I’ve seen plenty of actual evidence of police asking to see something and then claiming self defence after the person (usually a black person) reaches to show them the item. It’s happened with people in cars reaching for ID after police ask for it and as other people have commented, the blue code of silence is there too – one officer could have been far enough away to not hear the conversation and assumed he was swinging and started firing and the other officers are going to follow suit and then cover his ass when the truth comes out. We’ve seen that happen on video too.
    I’m not necessarily defending either side, but if we had camera footage we wouldn’t have to depend on he said/she said “evidence”.

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