Fauci: Hydroxychloroquine ‘Is Not Effective’ In Treating COVID-19

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Fauci: Hydroxychloroquine ‘Is Not Effective’ In Treating COVID-19

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  2. Anyone catch GMA stephanopoulos interview with Navarro this morning? Fucker said “…,I’m sitting on x million hydroxychloroquine, enough for x million Americans, and i got use it…” basically, I got product I gotsta move

  3. I don’t know, I saw some crazy lady saying otherwise. Do I trust the man that saved us from H1N1 and Ebola or the woman that introduced us to alien DNA? 🤔🤔

  4. Just imagine if Dr. Fauci suggest something on foreign relations . Everybody attack him for not having expertise in politics yet you give suggestions. But it’s okay if President with business expertise and a singer talk about controlling and treating contagious virus.

  5. This is becoming genuinely absurd that we now have politicization over which drug treatments work.

    The problem is, there’s always a lot of uncertainly when it comes to examining the efficacy of treatments. Politicians should let doctors and researchers do their things. That Hydroxychloroquine ever entered the discourse outside of the medical sphere is hugely concerning to me.

  6. Whats the point? Half of all Americans are morons, led by chief moron, who are anti-science, anti-logic, anti-common sense, and are stupid. They also happen to be in power in the Sentate which thanks to the amazing constitution we have has no checks or balances and has unlimited powers – thus allowing Republicans to steal hundreds of billions from taxpayers and give it to to the elite rich, while at the same time making sure even more people die.

    Don’t be fooled, Covid is big business and the reason the US response is so bad is because its actually designed to allow them to steal money from society and pass even more draconian laws.

  7. It’s a vast conspiracy by the entire global medical community, who, in a sickening violation of their oaths, are actively engaging in letting millions of people die while also tanking the entire world economy, just so coronavirus can last until November so Trump won’t get re-elected.


    …all reputable tests done actually suggest it’s not effective.

    It’s you’re choice what you want to believe, but one of those options sounds batshit crazy to me.

  8. You’ve got two options:

    It doesn’t work and the only reason we’re still talking about it is because our president is an idiot manchild who can’t admit he was wrong and his cult and sycophants in the media will continue to push it until the pandemic is either over or he’s out of office.

    It does work and the entire global medical community (minus a few whackjobs who believe in demon sperm) is covering that up, even going to far as to allow themselves to die from the disease rather than take it, all to potentially hurt Trump’s election chances.

    If you think option two is more likely, there’s no point in arguing with you, because the brain worms have clearly claimed another victim.

  9. A patient who takes HCQ and recovers gets to tell the story.

    Those who die after taking HCQ don’t get to do that.

    Seriously, if HCQ is really that effective at reducing mobility rate, then there should be an abundance of studies supporting its effectiveness.

    Edit: but the title should be “Does not appear to be effective” or “lack of evidence supporting its effectiveness”, instead of “not effective”. Scientific language is important.

  10. I have to give Trump credit for being able to say hy-dro-xy-chlo-ro-quine. Six syllables, and he got them in order. You get extra points for that!

  11. My dad hangs out with Republicans and listens to their talk radio as well. He knew nothing of US politics because he is an immigrant. He strongly believes that: Hydoxychloroquine is a good medication that is very good against the virus because it has Zinc in it, lots of people take it and just get better because it works, that Coronavirus will go away after the November election, and that he needs to get a gun license to defend against Black Lives Matter and Antifa because someone could break into his house and there will be more break ins because BLM and Antifa are for people running loose and committing crimes, and that all the police are about to resign because their immunity is being cancelled in our state.

  12. First and foremost I would believe this DOCTOR, long before I trust IQ45 and his commercializing of this drug/medication.. Secondly, I would do a check on IQ45 and his investments to find out if he, or his family have stock in, or own part of a factory that manufactures this highly touted miracle drug… There is an ulterior motive for his statements and it’s not because he understands the data, cause he doesn’t..

  13. Anyone find it absolutely bizarre that Trump supporters are so heavily invested in HCQ? It’s like the most important thing in the world to them. It’s really creepy and strange.

  14. It dissapoints me that people still want to debate this subject. The shit doesnt work and the fact that the right wants to push it as some miracle cure is really dumb. Even regular people are falling for it. A buddy of mine posted about how great the stuff is and said it basically cured corona. I told him it was bullshit and he insisted that it worked for some people.

  15. demon semen, they dont like it, they dont like me. but fauci, he threw out the first pitch for the nationals, everyone says it was the worst pitch EVER, me? i turned down the yankees, the GREATEST team in baseball, i turned them down, why? because they dont like me. IF i threw out the first pitch for the STANKEES, it would have best THE BIGGEST, THE BESTEST, FASTERASTES, first pitch every thrown, the umpires would say wow, strike 2,4,6 YOURE FIRED. thats how good id throw a first pitch.

  16. Probably the Hydroxychloriquine makes you see demons and so horny uncontrollably you’ll fuck anything, and happened to several people requesting Attack from Mars, The Exorcist, and Avatar on Netflix and Prime Movies.

  17. The Q-ult thinks Fauci has known about HCL since 2005 and is part of some vast conspiracy to suppress the evidence that it’s a miracle cure for Covid and other things. So this won’t change anyone’s mind. People that already trust Fauci will continue to do so and the insane people will continue to shout “cOnSPiraCy!”

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