DUNE – Official Trailer

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DUNE – Official Trailer

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  1. Hey Fedaykin!

    Please note that this thread is for **spoiler-free** discussion of the trailer only. Here’s the thread for **spoiler-friendly** discussion:

    [Dune (2020) Trailer Spoiler-Friendly Discussion Thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/dune/comments/ipj5bc/dune_2020_trailer_spoilerfriendly_discussion/)

    **Please keep the discussion to the official threads** – generic text posts reacting to the trailer will be removed. In order to prevent the sub from being flooded, we will also be removing link posts to screenshots from the trailer. If you want to pick apart the trailer frame by frame, we will be doing so on the [Dune Discord server](https://discord.gg/BsAGTwZ).

    We’ve also launched a new **Dune Book Club** on the [discord](https://discord.gg/BsAGTwZ) which will be starting on *Sunday, September 13th* for anyone who is looking to (re)familiarize themselves with the original book before the watching the movie.

    Lastly, posts and comments containing or requesting potentially ‘leaked’ information about the plot of the upcoming movie are not allowed and will be removed. Sharing leaked information may result in a ban from r/dune.

  2. Genuinely really really excited for this movie. Probably my most anticipated movie in a while. The cast is ridicilous, the director is, and so it the whole production, really. Even if it’s nothing like the book, I can’t imagine it not being a good movie.[ I was so excited for this trailer that I decided to react to it, if anyone would like to see it.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOXyLKt-4uA)

  3. It looks great, I only have one nitpick about it. Sandworms are meant to be searing hot on the inside, and it should look like burning ambers if one looks into of its maw. The last shot of the trailer doesn’t look like this is the case with this design.

  4. > Geidi Prime, the Harkonnen planet, is one where the sun is obscured most of the time by heavy clouds of pollution. It’s an artificial world, it’s a world made out of plastic and cut off from nature,” Villeneuve says. “Their skin is not used to sun, so they have to protect themselves from sunlight when they go on Arrakis. Their armor is almost closer to an astronaut suit than anything else. I tried, for each tribe coming from different planets, to see how they would use their technology to try and adapt. The Harkonnens are brutal colonizers, brutal invaders, but they are still vulnerable to the environment.

    What did Denis Villenueve mean by this?

  5. Don’t know shit about Dune, but I know plenty about Denis Villeneuve being arguably the best filmmaker of the last decade, and Javier Bardem, Timothee Chalamet, Stellan Skarsgard, Rebecca Ferguson, and Josh Brolin having performances that show they are able to completely steal every scene of a movie if the writing is on their side (which it definitely is here)

  6. – movie is woke, won’t watch: swapped Liet Keynes’s gender and color. Why?!
    – movie is not about the destiny of a hero but about oil and resources, total change from the books
    – the Baron never ordered Piter to have Paul and Jessica killed, Emperor Saddam’s truth sayers would have discovered it
    – Bene Gesserit were never telepath
    – missionaria protectiva is not mentioned, neither is Jihad, to not trigger any sensible Twitter idiots
    – Paul is called Usul in the dreams Chani has
    – Duncan does before Paul becomes Duke
    – the Baron is homosexual in the movies (or pedophile) but of course it doesn’t fit the narrative of social justice creeps of today
    – David Lynch series or the movie series don’t have the visual aspect but do respectthe original material more. Enjoy the movie, but I won’t go see it and read the books yet again.

  7. This has been said a million times before but I’m going to stop watching movie trailers as they ruin everything. Assuming there will be another two trailers, we’ll have seen the whole thing before the movie is released. I wish they’d kept the worm reveal for the movie!

  8. I loved the original but always thought it could have been shot with a wider lens to show a more expansive vision of Arakis. It looks like Villanueve got it right this time around. This is about the only movie that can get me back in a theatre!

  9. I think this teaser does a great job balancing the heart of the book, the aspiration of Jodorowsky dune, as well as just trying to make a good/cool modern movie.. it depends how much they lean into which direction.. hopefully less modern movie/star wars BS than the teaser but cool to see someone finally do this in our time regardless.. great cast.. dedicated director

  10. I have to say, as much as I tolerated the Original Lynch film, this looks waaay better. I’d also love for my favorite book to have broader appeal outside of nitpicky book readers.

    The trailer was great! My wife was like, “book club?”

    I guess it’s time for a third reread!

    Ps- loved the ornithopters.

  11. I was hoping this was going to be good, but it looks horrible. This is one of the most complex, intricately written books out there…the entire tone of this trailer is wrong. This isn’t supposed to be a YA parody. Its rather monochromatic, which was disappointing. The music really doesn’t fit at all. I am a Dune fan and am aware of the history of Pink Floyd and Jodorwosky…but the music didn’t work for me at all. The special effects also look really, really fake in several places.

    The biggest issue is Paul…the entire story pivots around him, and he comes across like a zombie reading a script. Combining that with Zendaya, who sucks as an actor, doesn’t work at all. Neither of these two actors fit the characters they’re supposed to play.

    The entire thing seems miscast to me. Lady Jessica should be older. I like Momoa but I’m not convinced he really fits Idaho. None of the casting works. They might be great actors but they do not fit these characters.

    Then there’s the Fremen inconsistency. They felt they had to recast Dr Kynes as a black woman since Zendaya is playing Dr Kynes’ daughter Chani, so there would be more women in the movie. Because they do not understand at all just how powerful the Bene Gesserit are nor how pivotal the women are in this story.

    So just why exactly is a Spanish man playing Stilgar the Fremen leader while two black actors are playing other Fremen, if they just had to make Dr Kynes black? Did they forget?

    There are a whole bunch of core elements and core character traits that are intrinsic and critical to this story that some may consider as “bad” in 2020. The fact that they’re revisioning things like Dr Kynes and jihad does not bode well for them being faithful to the story. Like I said the story is really, really complicated and these little things cannot be casually changed to stay on trend for 2020 without ruining the story. Its particularly troubling that these changes have been made, since they indicate that the people making this movie don’t understand the story.

    No one is infallible, not even Denis Villaneuve. After seeing Arrival I had hoped he would be able to do Dune right, but everything I’ve seen doesn’t inspire any confidence. The more I think about this it looks like its going to make all the same mistakes the Lynch movie made, plus brand new ones. I could be wrong, but as it stands I have no interest in seeing this movie.

  12. It’s a good sign that I can match almost every shot with a scene from the novel. The one exception is at 0:33, just after the director credit. Anyone have an idea what/where it is?

  13. See this is tricky.. because you don’t know where the first film ends.. but some of those are after the split. I count one before maybe 2 I’ll have to check.

    Regardless.. they are both in the info we have.

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