Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

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Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

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  1. ##### GGG Comments in this Thread:


    [Bex_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *You can use a Divine Orb to get current values.*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *”[TYPE] Damage Reduction” is only the reduction that comes from Armour, and sorces of…*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *We needed a verb to describe using armour to mitigate a hit. Since armour…*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *> double armor effect (not value, right?) It treats your armour value as double…*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *”No other mechanics” means no other mechanics. The only existing sources of Damage Reduction…*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *This was considered, but Physical Damage Reduction has been in the game for a…*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *Yes, the keystone uses the existing mechanic, and the description used on the keystone…*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *That all sounds about right but I am very tired so appologise in advance…*

    [Bex_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *Patch Notes come out tomorrow.*

    [Bex_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *Good question! I’ll find out.*

    [Bex_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *Day after tomorrow. Thursday NZ/Wednsay USA*

    [Mark_GGG – [link](, [old](] – *> if the hit is 5000 damage after resistances, of which 50% is fire…*

  2. There is a potential major issue with the new Impaler keystone that seems to make it really bad in a large number of cases: it is based on the first impale applied, not the largest. This means that much of the time it will be procced by leap slamming instead of the player’s primary, hard-hitting attack, and it is also bad for one of the biggest focus skills this league: earthquake. You will always have impales applied by the first hit and not the larger aftershock.

    Please consider whether there is a possibility of allowing larger impales to ‘overwrite’ smaller impales. Otherwise this is a really frustrating keystone that often fails to do what it seems to be intended to do.

  3. > Hexproof now gives immunity to curses, on top of preventing any curse being applied. This means that if you gain Hexproof, you’ll immediately remove any curses on you. This was an oversight that this wasn’t already the case, and will mean that stealing Hexproof from enemies will now clear all curses off you.

    Headhunter + Self-Curse Temp Chains just got rekt 😉

  4. They NERFED hegemony’s era?! It hasn’t been meta in in like 5 years. Either 2h is gonna be busted or this is criminal cause this league was gonna be its only chance to shine again.

  5. >Herald of Purity has been changed from adding physical damage to granting more physical damage, giving 12% more physical damage at gem level 20. This was to provide an equal benefit to weapon attacks regardless of their speed.

    RIP Facebreaker starters, it’s going to take a lot more currency to get them rolling now

  6. Hmm, I may be wrong about this but I feel like in a previous manifesto a lot of changes were made to skills to add flat physical damage because damage was too reliant on only your weapon compared to spells that had great scaling gems which made leveling as melee feel bad.

    Removing the flat phys on skills seems to bring back the same issue as before with levelling a melee build. If you don’t constantly upgrade your weapons with good ones its really slow and hard compared to casters. Of course this seems to be a problem for 2H now as most of the damage is going to be based on %phys instead of flat added for the gems. Might be a non-issue though I don’t know.

  7. >Molten Strike, Magma Orb and Ball Lightning have had their damage and some other properties improved, as their close range damage is now affected by lowered projectile speed.

    cries in spectral throw

  8. >Weightings of Notables and other modifiers have been adjusted, with the most powerful notables and two jewel sockets being much less common, as crafting an exceptional cluster jewel was far too easy.

    This makes me really sad. The only thing in the game I could craft lol.

  9. I’m somewhat concerned about the increased rarity of 2 sockets on large jewels. I think that’s a bit more than “making GG jewels hard to make”; having two sockets felt like a *requirement* for a large cluster jewel. Any increase in rarity of 2-sockets is going to drive up the price of *every* saleable jewel.

  10. Damn, I’ve barely done any crafting, but rolling cluster jewels was super fun because it wasn’t hard to alt-regal yourself something really impactful for your build. Making 2 jewel sockets rare plus increasing rarity on the “good” notables you might want to roll with them sounds like it could make a lot of stuff unobtainable without serious investment.

  11. I have three questions.

    Did I miss Static Strike information? The fixed clock speed of the aura portion of the skill feels inconsistent with every other mechanic in the game.

    Are staves two-handed weapons as far as this manifesto is concerned? I have some ideas I want to try but we haven’t seen staff leaks yet. (Hegemony’s Era is mentioned near the Starforge adjustments, hoping that menas staves get adjusted too)

    Does the stun-immunity window for bosses begin before or after the stun is inflicted?

  12. > Hexproof now gives immunity to curses, on top of preventing any curse being applied. This means that if you gain Hexproof, you’ll immediately remove any curses on you. This was an oversight that this wasn’t already the case, and will mean that stealing Hexproof from enemies will now clear all curses off you.

    cutedog in shambles

  13. Gee I’m on half through the page, and my cyclone facebreaker glad received 6 nerfs already. 3 of them lethal to my build (circle of guilt, herald of purity, deep cuts and confident combatant).

    Please stop he is ded.

    Edit: oh, crit nerfed too lol.

  14. >Fevered Mind has been reworked, and is now limited to one.

    >Voidbringer and Apep’s Rage now add a flat mana cost, rather than a percentage modifier.

    Big sad 🙁

  15. So a dual wielding nerf of 20%, along with a crit multi nerf on top… oof, a double whammy. They really want us to play 2h.

    Also the classic GGG nerf nuke to archmage SB… nerfed brand playstyle, nerfed brand recall, nerfed archmage damage, nerfed mana uniques, all at once.

    I wish I liked attacking slow. I’m sure it’ll be a fun time for 2h users.

  16. So if you take the Impaler with Earthquake, then you just get stuck with the weak hit’s impales for four seconds. Little bit of a bummer, but a pretty cool keystone nonetheless.

    EDIT: The stun changes + Seismic Cry should make for some pretty funny endgame boss fights. Think this is a pretty good change overall.

  17. > Many Cluster Jewel notables were problematic when stacked multiple times. Rather than limiting notables to one, we’ve instead rebalanced or significantly changed these notables, or added caps to the maximum value you can receive from a certain kind of effect.

    I’m very glad GGG is keeping cluster jewel stacking. It makes them so much more interesting and opens up so many options. Its better to just nerf the outliers and allow us the versatility that cluster jewels provide.

    > Critical Strike Multiplier values have been lowered from almost every passive, as well as from some items. Critical-based characters far-exceeded non-critical characters later in the game; this will bring the two a little closer together.

    GGG nerfing crit. While I get why, it makes me sad that assassin is losing a lot of power.

    Edit 2: To clarify, all crit based characters are losing power. But assassin is my favorite ascendancy and I’m sad he is indirectly nerfed.

  18. I am a bit worried about changing the rarity of the rolls on cluster jewels specifically 2 sockets. With delirium being much more rare even if you get one every delirium encounter, it’s 1 not necessarily be ilvl 75+, 2 not necessarily even going to be a large, 3 not a 8 passive large, and 4 not have the stat type you want. I think with the mindset of the delirium league making the rolls more rare works but with their much reduced implementation I could see this making cluster jewels near impossible to get outside of min maxed builds. It would be extremely hard to find and roll them ssf or extremely expensive in trade league and for something that seemed so inclusive to every build I really dislike that.

  19. So anyone know how imbalanced guard works with flat physical damage reduction? Does it make armour completely useless when i already run around as juggernaut with 10 endurance charges?

  20. > The Circle of Fear, Nostalgia, Regret, Anguish and Guilt Unique rings that affected Heralds now give lower values of Reservation Cost reduction and lower values of Buff Effect. These rings provided too much power and were too obvious a choice for so many builds.

    Sad face.

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