Daycare worker abuses kid for defending himself against another kid stealing from him

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Daycare worker abuses kid for defending himself against another kid stealing from him

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  1. Reverse the races of caretaker/child and this makes national news. Also curious how she threw the white kid but didn’t really do anything to the black kid… I hope this garbage human gets charges pressed against her. What a piece of shit.

  2. So, watched the vid more than a few times. Child A took something from child B. Child B attempted to get the item back from child A. It appears child B maybe bit Child A in the altercation. This is actually pretty norm for kids in childcare that are not being properly supervised, and even occasionally in child care where there is proper supervision. This is where you have incident reports and parental meetings come in to discuss behavior issues for both kids.

    What happens NEXT is where shit gets stupid. Child B jumps back from Child A when big Bertha back there finally stops supporting the damn wall. He immediately covers his ears indicating someone is screaming. Unknown who, but someone is loud, and child A seems pretty unfazed at the moment.

    So, two “caretakers” were there, neither of them made a move until child A was hurt.

    Then Big Bertha backhands child B in the head/face, jerks him off the ground
    By his forearm/wrist (corrected “ by the base of his neck “)
    and tosses him what appears to be about 6 feet across the room.

    At this point child B is holding the back of his head/neck, kicking and screaming.

    So Big Bertha Grabs him again (by the most fragile bones in his body this time, his wrists) and tosses him a couple more feet. Child B still in apparent pain.

    Finally Baby Bertha gets involved, but it’s to lift child B off the ground, none too gently, by the same wrist he just had jerked on. At the same time, Big Bertha is taking child A off to the side to start inspecting the supposed wound.

    I want the rest of the video. Can almost Guarantee it didn’t end here.

    THIS is what breeds racism. THIS is what breeds hate.

    Also, you can’t argue “well, they didn’t know they were fighting till the boy got bit…” the argument is bullshit. There are TWO ADULT women there, one looking in their direction, one only a few feet away at one point, the scuffle between boys covered half the open area, and the other 8/10 kids were sitting down.
    There is NEVER an excuse to treat a child like this.

    If the “caretakers” were just negligent, they would have continued to ignore and do nothing. This was violence.

    Bertha let her hate come out, that’s all there is to it.

    Edit:incident content correction of original toss at 20s

    Edit to add: I am not saying this woman is racist, though she may or may not be. I am saying she is HATEFUL. Only someone mentally ill or full of hate can do something like this to a child.

    Edit to say: for all the folks wanting to hop on here and say that I’m a racist and “fester” in racism, WTF?

  3.  In 2017, 2,237 daycare providers were found to be abusing and neglecting children in their care.

    That’s multiple children per case.

    From South Carolina where this happened:

    -Even with the discount and a full-time job, Davison, who is married, spent $8,940 of the $16,000 she earned in 2016 on child care.
    “I was lucky if I made $50 in a week after child care expenses (and retirement) came out,” she said.

    Doesn’t really seem worth it to have other people raise your children.

  4. More Details: Tiana McElveen, 24, was charged with unlawful conduct toward a child. McElveen is related to one of the children involved and, according to the report, she told the owner, Paula Durham, that the other child, who has autism, attempted to bite her relative.The report said the owner found no evidence of a bite, but would later review the surveillance footage after being prompted by another employee to do so and found the images that have been released by law enforcement. The full report can be found on WLTX, local SC news. [](

  5. > According to an incident report, McElveen was terminated from her position at the facility on Friday after a seperate incident, where it said McElveen became disrespectful to staff after she was confronted about putting food on the floor for children to “eat like dogs.”

    Ladys crazy. Everything’s not about race

  6. What is she doing to start with, she doesn’t look very attentive! They wouldn’t have a chance to fight if she had moved from the get go.

    Instead she stands around day dreaming because she probably doesn’t give a shit about those kids, and when one makes her move her ass she gets pissed and still does the bare minimum

  7. Odd how recent incidents involve assuming a black person did something when they didn’t due to prejudice, yet we have a live example of assuming a white child did something when he didn’t because of prejudice as well. Not to say they’re comparable, but lead by fucking example.

  8. Fat fucking useless piece of shit. Hurry up and croak from heart disease already. Fucking throwing a defenseless kid before even finding out what happened? Your life is worthless. If that was my son, oooo baby. I’d have your address and family members names before the end of the day.

  9. This is what happens when you dont like kids and just do it for a job. [Glad she got arrested]( Reading the article it says that the black kid was related to her and the white kid is autistic. Even worse this incident isnt what got her officially fired, they fired her since she became mad at the staff for telling her not to put food on the ground and feed em like dogs.

    Damn she’s a total piece of shit.

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