cowardly piece of shit using an iron knuckle to sucker punch a a 12 year old

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cowardly piece of shit using an iron knuckle to sucker punch a a 12 year old

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  1. **Reminder to mind Rule 2.**

    We appreciate the reports everyone keep them coming. There are still lots of racists to expel from this subreddit, but we’re not going to relent. You have to remember we’re still a very young sub. We have to ban individuals that other subreddits already booted years ago. We have many measures in place to prevent things preemptively.

    I created this subreddit because I thought freakouts needed saving. Having browsed another certain subreddit the past couple days I think that still holds true (just wait for November lmao.) Our tolerance of discussion (more so than certain people would prefer) is one of the things drawing people here. At the end of the day if it’s a freakout we’re interested. Bonus points for historical/unusual/spanning depth of human experience freakouts.

    Ultimately we want as diverse of a subreddit as possible. Discourse is probably going to be the only thing that pulls people back toward polite society. [**I’ve gotten a few PMs from people predicting we’re going to be removed from Reddit coming Monday.**]( I seriously doubt that is going to happen because the Admins (unlike most detractors) can actually see we’re doing everything we can. If that *does* happen I imagine a mandatory user *lean* will also be part of the accompanying new rules.

    Keep it groovy APF.

  2. Idk about you guys, but when I want to show how tough I am, it’s by punching a kid way younger and smaller than me….. with brass knuckles….. while he isn’t even aware that I’m about to punch him….

    On the bright side, I hear prison is a lot like this (surprise attacks with weapons) so I guess now he is ready to run with the big dogs

  3. And he was filmed doing so he will be charge with assault with a weapon.

    So. Jail then.

    What a badass.

    ***EDIT:*** Wow. I am getting brigaded to *SHIT* here. All because I’m suggesting that it is possible the juvenile attacker does have mental health problems and needs treatment instead being placed in a prison full of dangerous convicts. But no, apparently that’s too much.

    ***EDIT:*** u/Chad_landlord

    >Safer for me, or any other possible victims. Why would I care about him? He has proven he has no regard for human life and enjoys watching people suffer.

    How do know he has no regard for human life? And when I say you need to care about him? Also, how do you know if there will be more victims if he was treated?

    >If we are talking about petty theft, sure, lets rehabilitate. But this is battery with a deadly weapon. Felonious behavior that is **predictive or murderous intent.** Lock him up and throw away the key.

    And how do you “predict” such incidents? Please, show me your workings. Also, show me his “murderous intent”? Did he intend to murder him?

    >You’re only make my case. Keep these people away from society.

    No. That’s not intent of my words whatsoever.

    >Thats not ad hominem, and its not a war. I just happen to be a realist.

    Prove it’s real.

    >A dangerous person with other dangerous people away from innocent people* FTFY

    Oh. So no matter what point I make, you will change to apply to your narrative. So. Gaslighting then. K.

    ***EDIT:*** u/EnormousPornis

    >hahah still calling racism? At least you’re consistent in being a total retard.

    Show me.

    ***EDIT:*** u/Forest-G-Nome

    > Let’s scroll back to the top of this post for Exhibit A.

    And how does that prove he has “no regard for human life”?

    ***EDIT:*** u/FuckRedditAdmin5

    >Lol. You are trying so hard to defend a piece of shit.

    Show where I’m defending him?

    >Is it a race thing for you?

    Is it not?

    >Don’t be a piece of shit by defending a sociopath.

    Show me how he’s a sociopath in your professional assesment.

    >Be sure to edit a response like a bitch instead of replying.

    How is this not a reply?

    ***EDIT:*** u/0x7yz

    >Taking a look at past incidents shows his history of violence. To have this type of record at a young age is problematic and can easily be used to “predict” future offenses (assuming they don’t escalate, however seeing he’s young, that can change).

    >[in addition to his charge at 12, if he has regards for human life, he’s not doing a good job of showing it](

    Most of those charges are juvie delinquency and the charge you just quoted is from the OP.

    So this still doesn’t prove he has no regard for human life. It’s a fair point tho. Sorry.

    ***EDIT:*** u/vawtots

    >Well, I’m guessing if he punched that kid so hard and just let him fall against the concrete while not being affected by the whole situation shows that he has no regard for human life.

    That’s actually a good point. But it’s not consistent with behaviour of young development.

    You are correct. In my experience, punching somebody is not like the movies. People just don’t always get back up straight away, sometimes not ever. You’ll see boxers and MMA fighters but they’ve spent years conditioning their bodies.

    The assertion though still doesn’t prove his disregard for human life. Most damage children with such violent behaviour are deficient in are lacking in the skills of empathy and consequences. This is not to say they don’t have empathy or such, it’s just that they haven’t been taught to think that way, either from lack of security or naturing or from growing up themselves in violent and abusive homes.

  4. I’m ready for the downvotes

    I’ve worked with a lot of kids like this. I’ve been kicked, punched, bitten, been chased by one with a knife.

    It’s always the parents’ fault. Every single time I’ve seen it. The parents are young and into gang life because they were that kid at one point. They’re very aggressive and I’ve seen parents get into fights outside of a school. They walk into review meetings smelling like drugs, I’m sure their car that the kid gets into to go home every day smells too. A lot of the kids wear long clothing year round so it’s very hard to tell who is getting violently abused at home or not.

    This kid never had a shot, he’s just doing what he’s been trained to do. He’ll get out of prison deeper in the hole than before – his formative years forged by violence and being treated like an animal. He’ll go right back to being a foot soldier unless someone can help him or he helps himself.

    I know, he’s a diabolical asshole in this video and the other kid didn’t deserve a potentially life altering blow to the head. It’s just that all this video contains is sadness and the reflection of a broken system with no fix on the way.

    I’m just a volunteer, a lot of people work with these kids on a daily basis. They’re heroes.

  5. Well he’ll have a few years in prison to perfect is fighting, and when he gets out he will be an unstoppable fighter in the underground martial arts league, or so that’s what Anime/Baki tells me.

    In reality, he will be face down and ass up as the new prison pussy

  6. Apparently this fucking kid is facing 20 years in prison for this.

    He even had the balls to plead not guilty to Assault with a deadly weapon. What a fucking waste of human life.

    [20 YEARS](

    The only update I could find was this Link saying he got 9 years in prison for this.

    [9 years in prison](

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