Confirmed: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 has 24GB memory, RTX 3080 gets 10GB –

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Confirmed: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 has 24GB memory, RTX 3080 gets 10GB –

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  1. That is terrible for the 3080 and the 3070. I have an RTX 2080 and the 8gb are already a problem, for example, when I use RTX in battlefield V it uses all the available memory and the game starts stuttering (if you lower texture quality you can get a better experience). Flight simulator 2020 is another game for which 8GB VRAM is not enough. I play at 1440p, at 4K the VRAM would be even bigger.

    So 10gb/8gb means that none of this cards would be useful for raytracing or 4K, and that is terrible considering that they will cost 600$-800$ and an Xbox Series X appears to be able to do both of them. Looks like Nvidia is putting all the eggs in DLSS, unless they manage to put DLSS in every single game other, these GPUs are already dead….

  2. There is a big rumor behind Why the VRAM size hasn’t moved for the 3080/3070 is that:
    – for games developed now, there is currently no need for more than 10GB vram, and mostly faster vram is enough (GDDR6X, meaning faster writes and reads, which mean you need to buffer less stuff in memory if you can load it quicker).
    – for next gen games(2022+), with engines optimized for very high resolution textures that couldn’t fit all in VRAM, there is an hypothetical « NVCache » feature that would be able to use your extra RAM or even an NVMe drive as « slower » VRAM. No idea if it would be compatible with current motherboards or not.

  3. So 1080ti owners get forced into taking a vram downgrade or wait a year for super cards or well,

    spend thousands on a 3090.

    Big facepalm.

    AMD with 16gb might look pretty good then

  4. This thread is, as usual, full of misinformation about VRAM usage. Just because a game uses most of your VRAM or warns you about approaching full VRAM usage does not mean you are actually at any risk. Many of these engines are dynamically allocating as much memory as they possibly can against the known limit – however, with my RTX 8000 you can clearly see that developers have set a hard limit around 11Gb (there are literally zero consumer-targeting gpus with >11Gb of VRAM) that it will never exceed even though I have >4x the total memory compared to a 2080 Ti.

  5. I honestly thing with these new very powerful consoles coming out. This might be a turning point. Because if they price these cards insanely high like they have been doing. They are going to definitely have a problem moving inventory. Consoles force games to optimize to their hardware for years and years. Pc games make hardware go obsolete. If these console provide graphics and performance on par with these cards. It’s a wrap.

  6. They still playing games with this shit. 1080ti fe was released @ $699.99 msrp and followed similar pricing to previous gen. Then the whole price hike due to console migration and bitcoin bullshit. They the released the 2080ti over priced (obviously because they can and the demand) now this bullshit. If the new gen cannot push 4K @ competitive fps it legit ain’t worth it. Maybe the 3090 could but your average gamer can’t spend 2k on a card. I guess we shall see

  7. Anyone else who was 100% planning to buy a 3080 @ 800 now seriously considering holding off? 10GB is too low. I’m not spending 1400 on a graphics card so left in a pickle. Maybe wait for AMD..? Hm.

  8. Watch the 3080 be 20% faster than the 2080Ti and will still cost $1,000. Jensen will say it’s quicker than a 2080Ti an even faster in ray tracing. People thinking this card is going to cost $800 are gonna have a bad time. There is no way Jensen is going to sell a card that’s faster for less money than today. That will never happen.

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