An important message on skin tone

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An important message on skin tone

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  1. Naaah my dude, we Germans already tried German pride and that shit kinda backfired.

    EDIT: Dear US Americans. This is joke about how the Nazis took it too far. Please stop explaining that there are American cities where the Oktoberfest is celebrated.

  2. Wait what?

    So “black pride” somehow equates to only Africa and heritage even though theres millions of black people that are born in and their last few generations have all been born in other countries such as the US, the UK & France for example.

    So why is it black pride for them “instead of British pride” but when its white people it’s all of a sudden just about being proud of your skin?

    The guys reply seems worse tbh, if anyone said to me “I’ve got black/white pride” I’d assume it relates to their skin colour.

    If they said “I’ve got African/British” pride then obviously I’d assume it’s because they’re proud of where they’re from. Why is it suddenly ok to change the rules for a minority (in this guys example, not implying that everyone does this).

    I’ve got friends from various parts of Africa, some that grew up around the Rwanda genocide and I’ve heard that talk about their pride from where they’re from, but never “black pride”, it seems so divisive.

  3. Is it not racist to assume that all black people share a single culture called “African”?

    Africa is a fucking diverse continent with many different cultures, to say nothing of the various Caribbean nations that are predominantly black and which also have their own cultures.

    But sure, lump all black people together under one culture just because of the color of their skin. You do you, just seems racist to me.

  4. White is a color, black is a color. Why does one mean culture while the other mean color? Don’t you see how hypocritical that sounds? Do you really not see the heavy cherry picking here?

  5. Such nonsense of a post 😂. You can say white pride is European heritage and culture as well just like black is heritage and culture and vise versa you can say that black pride is skin tone pride . Let’s just stop this racist stuff and stop putting each other races down. We all bleed red.

  6. I don’t know if Black Pride is really about celebrating “African culture and heritage.” At least not in America. It actually is specifically about having a black skin tone in America and overcoming the challenges that come with that.

  7. White pride = proud of skin tone


    Black pride ≠ proud of skin tone?

    I see the point they making but the logics flawed.

    Go ahead and downvote me and call me racist reddit, do your shit

  8. Uhh… he’s aware that black is also a skin colour.. right?! And that Africa/Carribean/US/Everwhere each have diverse multitudes of culture and identity within.. right?!

  9. This argument doesn’t make sense, “black” is also a skin tone.

    Using the same logic in OP, black pride would be racist and the non-racist alternative would be pride days for specific cultures or african nations.

    This argument literally defeats itself.

  10. I’m not white, but seeing that people are shitting on white people and even other white people talking shit on white people is astonishing to me.

  11. Reddit is astonishing holy shit

    White culture is a culture too according to this way of thinking. Why tf white people culture is worse or not existing compared to others?

    Btw describing culture by skin colour is kinda racist don’t you think?

  12. Not getting into the politics but on a purely linguistical standpoint, how come there’s a difference between black pride and white pride? Both denote the colour of one’s skin, but one celebrates history whereas the other is simply racist?

    White pride has historical connotations as a racist slogan, but so does black pride.

  13. Big BIG fault in the logic. Asian and Black are not singular cultures like Mexican is. Likewise, Muslim is a religion so that would be akin to Christian pride rather than white pride. That’s the problem with this current situation. No one on either side really understands what they are talking about. A black person, born in Chicago, protesting police violence that appears to often be racially-motivated, is not celebrating any African heritage or cultural identity, regardless of which actual country in Africa you choose. Racism doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for any side. If you are attempting to isolate a race and either protect it or oppress it, you are supporting racism. If you are trying to unite all races against the oppression of individual races, you are fighting a just cause.

  14. “black pride = African culture” is kinda reductionist though. Northern Africans aren’t black for the most part yet Africans. Even in black Africa, Nigeria ≠ South Africa ≠ Ivory Coast.

    I see the point and I agree that “white pride” is a non-sensical thing, I just wished we would move past painting all of Africa as a culturally and ethnically homogeneous place once and for all…

  15. Saying all Black, Asian, Mexican, and Muslim people’s share the same religious beliefs and cultures is a pretty fucking racist statement. I really wish people would educate themselves before opening their mouths.

  16. Okay real talk, we have Black History Month and that’s great but where is Native American History Month? I’m native American and I know next to nothing about my culture and heritage.

  17. This is ridiculous. I’ve never seen a “Black Pride” shirt that talked about their origin, their heritage, or what they’re proud of. You know what they say? “I’m black and that makes me better than you.”

    Black people are absolutely proud of their skin tone. In fact, on that list, it’s black and white people who are proud of their skin tones more often than not, *everyone else* genuinely celebrates their heritage.

    If anything, I see way more white people celebrating their heritage; I celebrate my Roman heritage all the time. I meet people celebrating their Norse Heritage, their Germanic heritage, and so forth. I take actual, honest pride in being Mediterranean and being able to say my ancestors were the foundation of the western world.

    And if a white person *is* genuinely celebrating “Fuck yeah, I’m a white man, look at me!” that person should be shut the fuck down, and I’ll be equally happy to do that, but acting like black people are innocent of that is absolutely dishonest. I can’t name a single black person I’ve ever met who genuinely goes “I’m an inheritor of the best sub-Saharan empire, fuck yeah, Mali!”

    And you know what? I could *bond* with somebody over that. I could bond over a genuine passion for our ancestry, but you know what I don’t see?

    I don’t see that. I see pride about skin color, exactly what you *just said* was racist.

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