A new era of leadership performance across computing and graphics is coming. Join us on October 8 and October 28 to learn more about the big things on the horizon for PC gaming.

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A new era of leadership performance across computing and graphics is coming. Join us on October 8 and October 28 to learn more about the big things on the horizon for PC gaming.

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  1. And this is only for the announcement right? Good to know that will get Zen 3 info soon.

    But thats very late for RDNA2. More than a month after the 3080 releases and the 3070 will also be out by then.

    Also those are some big words especialy for the graphics side of things. Zen 3 was always gonna be great but to say Leadership performance for the GPU side of things is confident. I hope there not overselling it.

  2. So AMD aren’t hiding the RDNA2 launch behind the Zen 3 one as some rumours suggested, but rather giving both architectures their own separate days to shine.

    The confidence.

  3. Most wafers probably goin to zen3 regardless of how competitive rdna2 is might be why it’s 3 weeks late. Ya’ll gotta know that silicon used to make 1 big navi can make 7 8 cores zen3. Even if big navi is $700, 8 cores zen3 gonna be $300+ each and 7 of em makes $2100+ Cpu is literally making amd 3 times the money for the same wafer area

  4. October 28th is too late for me. I can have my system back up and running next Thursday. Waiting until November is too long for my system to be down.

    I don’t see 10gb Vram being a problem at 1440p so I wont wait for a 20gb 3080 either. Hopefully benchmarks confirm this.

  5. Hopefully we get some leaks on performance way before then, so everyone doesn’t just buy Nvidia cards because they’re bored of waiting.

    It might be worth waiting on the quote ‘Leadership Performance’. Surely they can’t say that and then have it not be the leader of performance.

  6. I think I have an idea whats going on with the staggered announcements.

    Zen3 announcement first. Zen bought AMD back into the competition, its their favorite child right now, of course they get to show off their favorite child! Intel brought their “10th” gen out already, AMD wants to hammer that down first.


    As for the later announcement for RDNA2, A couple of factors I’m thinking of.

    1) AMD doesn’t want to flood the press with too much candy all at once. Let the tech press have their couple of weeks of content on Zen3 first. their way of having a bit of control on how/when press yammers away at it.

    2) AMD may want to see what Nvidia’s actually capable of first, and once a few press samples and then buyers getting their hands on them and seeing what they can actually do before AMD makes a final decision on pricing. Basically, what they did a year ago on RDNA1. Put the cards out at an inflated price, manipulate Nvidia into a new strategy. This *might* effectively work even better for AMD this time around, since *IF* RDNA2 has any competitive edge, it might force Nvidia to restructure their prices so soon after they released RTX3k, or may make them adjust their strategy or later releases.

    If its done timely enough, RTX3k will have a price adjustment before they’ve even had stock availability sorted out (since we know they will be hard to get for a couple of months after release.)


    I’m also guessing that based on the timing of these announcements, this means AMD might try to get something on shelves before the holiday season. that RDNA2 announcement being 1 month before black friday….

  7. These dates are pretty far out. Lines up with some rumors of a November launch as well. I wonder why AMD would push their GPUs out a month after the 3000 series. They are basically giving Nvidia a month to sell their GPUs with AMD CPUs. I would have guessed you would launch them together so that any new builder could build their entire PC with AMD GPUs and CPUs. Interesting.

  8. ITT: AMD Apologists

    I know this will get downvotes, but all the comments saying this is “smart” or AMD is being “Confident” or that Ampere will be a “paper launch” so it “doesn’t matter” much are just…delusional.

    Forgetting about all the performance comparisons, Nvidia will beat AMD to market with their GPU’s by 6 weeks at least – and that’s assuming October 28 is an actual launch and not just a paper launch/announcement. That also assumes AMD has volume to launch with (They sure didn’t for their last launch), which is another big assumption.

    Ignoring out and out fanboyism, from a strictly business perspective Nvidia has played their hand well and AMD has been…sluggish.

    [Nvidia has 80% of the dedicated GPU market](https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/nvidia-80-percent-dgpu-market-share) today. *80%*. That’s huge. You can blame fanboys, or people who don’t know any better/ignorance or marketing or whatever, but you have to place the majority of the blame on AMD here. This late announcement is just another example of AMD being late to the party.

  9. It’s official….leadership performance……. more interested n zen3 finally will they take crown from intel n gaming

    So many game launches in November they should have releases both cpu and gpu on 8th together

  10. Love how people ITT acting like being late 2 month is something terrible and AMD is over when for the past few years they had always been half a year to 1 year late to the competition.

  11. I don’t know guys, we’ve been down this road before and the words “A new era of leadership performance across computing and graphics is coming” – Lisa Su

    It really makes me wonder if they do have a killer GPU that will trounce the 3080. This is good wording and it has me intrigued, to say the least. If AMD does indeed blow away the 3080 and slots itself right in between the 3080 and 3090 nicely then it’s a huge win for AMD.

    They could take it one step further and price the GPU below the 3080 for $50.00 bucks less and it would be the GPU to have for months to come. This would be the best-case scenario for AMD. These words might hold weight but time will tell. I won’t hold my breath going forward. I’m taking a neutral stance on this launch for Big Navi.

    Either way, we can finally get excited now and start preparing our builds for 2020-2021.

  12. Considering the amount of money I’m going to spend on my new computer I can wait just so I know that I get the best of the best. However, I must say that I expected a release sooner than this and am slightly disappointed.

  13. LOL some of the comments in here are deeply amusing. I mean, kind of sad in a way, since it is clear that an overwhelmingly negative consumer psychology has been instilled in so many of you and it is on show right here. But also very funny.

    From what I can ascertain, judging from about 500 or so comments I’ve gone over out of a thousand plus, there seem to be two types of people ITT: Type A are folks who were on Pascal and have since sold their cards to upgrade, while Type B are people who maybe bought RDNA and Turing but want to upgrade almost entirely for the purpose of playing CP2077.

    Type A does give me a laugh. I mean guys…you expect me to believe that you can afford a 1080 or 1080 Ti but not a low- to mid-range stopgap card? Literally anything to play at 1080p/60f on while you wait for the next high-end card? You guys. I might be sitting pretty with my 2070S but there are solid mid-range cards going for charming prices which are more than suitable.

    Type B…yeah IDK, you should be registered insane so far as I’m concerned. I am sure CP2077 will be a good game, maybe even great, but I can definitively say there is a 99% chance this game has been over-hyped beyond all measure. I mean hype train? Try hype-rsonic missile. It has been blown so far out of proportion that people are expecting a fucking unicorn at this point. So the idea that some of you are going all-in on attempting to buy a 3080 at launch and jesus, even a 3090, solely so you can play this game is…just plain yikes-worthy.

    Curiously enough though, there are also more than a few Nvidia fanboys ITT. Nerves showing perhaps? Ordinarily I’d expect to see more of you waiting for the Ti or Super models but no, it’s pretty clear you’re advocating for day one buys. That’s deeply unsound consumer advice really, since we have no benches and no data on the competition.

    Me personally…count me out. I am going to wait for reviews and the almost-inevitable Ti/Super versions. Or heck, if RDNA 2 does to Ampere what Povetkin did to Whyte, well then I’ll pick up a solid OC AMD card; with any luck they will look aesthetically better than some of the RTX 3000 dross I’ve seen. If not, no worries…16GB 3080 Ti for $999? THEN count me in…

  14. Mate, you will only be able to buy amds reference cards at like the beginning of November and probably no aibs this year while nvidia will have 3090/80 in September and 3070 probably early-mid October.

    Really fucking up these GPU launches though I am happy to see how zen 3 will come out.

  15. The amount of negativity is too much lol this happens everytime, either its AMD is too late I’m going to get Nvidia, or its DOA and needs to be cheaper. We don’t make the marketing and sales decisions at AMD, they have a team dedicated to that who know way more than we do about their product, target audience and the market than we do (as well as other info on PS5 and Xbox NDAs etc) so I expect that they are going do what they believe is the best job at announcing their new product. Never mind that this is in line with what AMD has been saying all along with their release date for these products.

    If your can’t wait and are going NVIDIA that’s good for you, AMD doesn’t release a product for when your ready to build/upgrade, they release it for when they are ready to talk about it/sell it.

    If you were going NVIDIA anyways that’s cool, but I don’t bash a product that isn’t even released yet. If AMD has a better offering then Nvidia that is your loss.

    At the end of the day I want to see a cool new product from AMD that will contribute to the innovation and competition in the PC gaming space, so I’m excited and honestly it’s my opinion that we should all be.

    I will say though that Nvidia has done an awesome job of generating hype, to the point where people are just outright writing off AMD lol

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